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Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

AMR develops when bacteria, fungi or viruses are exposed to antibiotics, antifungals or antivirals. As a result, the antimicrobials become ineffective and infections may persist. In addition, medical interventions including surgery, chemotherapy and stem cell therapy may become impossible.
AMR is considered the biggest global threat of Health and Food Safety.

AMR Insights

For Children and their Carers who wish to know more on Antimicrobial resistance, aim to set up child-oriented activities to increase the awareness on AMR or otherwise will be involved in preventing Antimicrobial resistance in children, AMR Insights offers selected, global information on activities, specific education and extensive networking and partnering opportunities.

AMR Insights is for:

  • Children
  • Carers and parents
  • Teachers 
  • Organizers of AMR events for children
  • Pediatricians

Latest Topics

  •   28 April 2023

    Multi-faceted intervention to improve management of antibiotics for children presenting to primary care with acute cough and respiratory tract infection (CHICO): efficient cluster randomised controlled trial

    Children with respiratory tract infections are the single most frequent patient group to make use of primary care and receive antibiotics.

  •   19 April 2023

    Paediatric drug optimization for antibiotics

    Paediatric drug optimization (PADO) exercises aim to identify key priority products and their preferred product characteristics for research and development.

  •   13 April 2023

    Appropriateness of antibiotic prescribing varies by clinical services at United States children’s hospitals

    Antimicrobial stewardship physicians and pharmacists collected data on antibiotic orders and evaluated appropriateness of prescribing.


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