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For its global activities AMR Insights is dependent on its highly valued partners.

Our current partners:


IFPMA represents the research-based pharmaceutical companies and associations across the globe. The research-based pharmaceutical industry’s 2 million employees research, develop and provide medicines and vaccines that improve the life of patients worldwide. Based in Geneva, IFPMA has official relations with the United Nations and contributes industry expertise to help the global health community find solutions that improve global health.


Evotec is a life science company with a unique business model focused on delivering highly effective new therapeutics to the patients. The Company leverages its multimodality platform, the “Data-driven R&D Autobahn to Cures”, for proprietary projects and within a network of partners including Pharma, Biotech, academics, and other healthcare stakeholders. With more than 4,200 highly qualified people at 15 sites, Evotec aims to create the world-leading co-owned pipeline for innovative therapeutics. For additional information please go to and follow us on Twitter @Evotec and LinkedIn.


Addressing the human health impacts of AMR will require building a strong and motivated coalition of like-minded health officials, clinicians, laboratorians, policymakers, patients and leaders.


NYtor (2007) designs and (co-)develops smart, molecular assays for detecting antibiotic resistance in human and veterinary diagnostics. Design and co-development take place in close collaboration with customers, selected suppliers and global partners. NYtor also produces its prototype assays.

Affidia Journal (by Affidia Srl benefit company) is an independent publication in the field of food safety and food testing. Affidia Journal aims to provide food business owners, food safety and laboratory managers with high-level scientific/technical/regulatory information. The journal covers all the major topics, accepting scientific and technical contributions by a variety of academic and private sources, always with clear distinction between scientific information and products/services promotion. Affidia’s vision is that safe food produced in an ethical and sustainable way should be a right for all people in the world, therefore, we are committed to report what is happening in Europe and other well-developed countries, as well as in low-income ones.

JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research was founded in the year 2008 on the principles of pursuing and nurturing research oriented higher education for the benefit of the society we serve. JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research is made up of 6 faculty Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Bio-medical Sciences , Faculty of Life Sciences , Faculty of Health System Management Studies.

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