Sponsoring the Network

“Thank you for making network to fight against AMR”

The AMR Insights Ambassador Network has great ambitions to add to curbing Antimicrobial resistance. The Network has attracted highly committed professionals including Pharmacists, Medical Doctors, Researchers, Veterinarians, Microbiologists, Biologists, Lab technicians, Officers, Epidemiologists, Health Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Journalists and Infectiologists working in Academia, Industry, Governmental Organisations and Health Care Centers. They all strongly believe in global, cross-sector collaboration. 

Participation in the network is low-threshold. there are no costs involved. This means that we also can welcome many participants from the LMIC.

“Continue to work as a team and commence projects as soon as possible”

At the end of January we will present the Ambassador programme for 2020. In this programme we set out our goals and how we work together to contribute to the fight against AMR.

“Together we can make a difference”

For the realization of the program we cannot miss your financial support. Would you like to contribute to the global fight against AMR? Then please contact us using the button below:

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