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Augustine Odibo is an early career researcher and Founder of
PharmahubNG in Nigeria. Augustine is a graduate of Pharmacy.Bpharm, PharmD Nigeria. He is passionate about curbing the fast rise of antimicrobial resistance. He has done this in his pharmacy practice by ensuring that antibiotics are only dispensed when necessary and with prior test. He has recently completed a course on Antimicrobial stewardship which equiped him with the knowledge and methodology he applies to this day in administering antimicrobial treatments. He recently began a research to discover the extent of antimicrobial resistance, alongside other career researchers in his state on how to prevent and curb the super-bug. He is of the belief that bacteria are communal and antimicrobial resistance might be contagious, in the sense that people living together might be resistant to the same bacteria. He looks forward to future studies and research to help develop new methods / treatments for antimicrobial control and to lead such research in the near future.

Onyeka Asumah is a pharmacist at the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria (PSN) in Nigeria. Asumah Onyeka Milicent is a graduate of Pharmacy from Madonna University, Nigeria. She is passionate about curbing the fast rise of antimicrobial resistance. She has done this in her pharmacy practice by ensuring that antibiotics are only dispensed when necessary and with prior test. She has recently completed a course on Antimicrobial stewardship which equiped her with the knowledge and methodology she applies to this day in administering antimicrobial treatments. She also recently began a research to discover the extent of antimicrobial resistance in her state and how to prevent it from getting worse. She is of the belief that bacteria is communal and antimicrobial resistance might be contagious, in the sense that people living together might be resistant to the same bacteria. She looks forward to future studies and research to help develop new methods / treatments for antimicrobial control and to lead such research in the near future.

Ejiofor Chizoba Victor is a 400L student of Pharmacy at the University of Nigeria citadel of learning in Nigeria. He is interested in helping people lead a better life free of health risks, and in researching to enrich knowledge. He has obtained certification in human resource management from a qualified professional body to further broaden his knowledge in Management of people.

Ngere Daudi is a Medical Laboratory Technologist at the Kisii University in Kenya. Ngere is a passionate student of antimicrobial resistance. He has been attending webinar series on Antimicrobial resistance organized by US CDC. Ngere is currently doing research on Antimicrobial Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus in patients attending Provincial General Hospital, Nakuru Kenya. His work is focused on identification of AMR patterns of S. aureus which will help in the long run reduction of resistant S. aureus strains. The research will also contribute to the identification and advisory of effective drugs against S. aureus in a hospital set up. Through the research, the data will help in the realization of the extent of AMR of S. aureus and thus creating awareness to the public, health sectors, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Mabel Ortiz De Leo is a Master in Science in AMR student at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. Mabel is a Mexican Medical Doctor with ample experience in infectious diseases. Since she was in medical school she became interested and involved in public health research specifically in sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. After graduating she started working in the healthcare setting in which she realized the abuse of antimicrobials was becoming a major problem not only in her country but worldwide. She is finishing an Msc in Antimicrobial Resistance and doing research on a possible new mechanism for AMR by studying the cryptococcus neoformans heteroresistance mechanisms to fluconazole. She expects this will have an impact on the treatment of cryptococcal meningitis and other neglected tropical diseases that are common in immunocompromised patients. The focus of her future work is on understanding how antimicrobial resistance mechanisms evolve in immunocompromised patients with a specific focus on LMIC’s, in which fungal diseases are most prevalent.

Priyanka Chahal is a 4th year Med Student at the S. Tentishev Asian Medical Institute in Kyrgyzstan. She is a Global Health and SDGs Advocate. Priyanka always seeks opportunities to learn and grow both in a personal and professional way. She is also playing the role of Young diplomat, and recently got selected as EU climate Pact Ambassador by European Commission, which strongly makes her to take actions in a sustainable way.

Calvin Andrea is the Head of Operation at CoHASO Tanzania in Tanzania. Calvin is a medical microbiologist with a pharmacy background. He is a researcher and public health consultant with an interest in AMR, infectious diseases, and one health. He is a co-founder and head of operation at COHASO Tanzania, an NGO for health promotion with a focus on reproductive health, disease prevention, and community empowerment. Calvin at CoHASO leads a team of multidisciplinary individuals in designing and implementing different evidence-based interventions in our local areas. He has been engaged in advocating for rational use of medicines and AMR and he is currently designing interventions for addressing AMR among animal keepers in rural areas of Tanzania. A recent project he led was Dawa Zangu (a Swahili word meaning my medicines) which addresses resistance to anti-TB and ARV in TB clinics and CTC. Calvin values collective efforts in combating AMR especially using platforms with different experiences.

Bright Obi is a member of the Resistant Infection Research Group, University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Nigeria. Bright is a highly motivated young scientist who holds a Bachelors degree in Microbiology from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nigeria. As an early career researcher, his interest in Antibiotic Resistance led him to becoming an active member of Resistant Infections Research Group, University of Nigeria Nsukka, so as to understudy the underpinnings of Antibiotic Resistance. His undergraduate thesis focused on Antibiotic Resistance of E. coli to Beta-Lactam antibiotics. He has a track record of volunteering in different public health outreaches, educating his community and sharing epidemiological insights. He eagerly looks forward to collaborations and exciting opportunities.

Emmanuel Elebesunu is a Medical Journalist at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Nigeria. As a Medical Laboratory Science Student, his specialty is Medical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) is one of his research interests. As a Medical Journalist and AMR Control Advocate, he has been involved in Panel Discussions on AMR in Africa, spoken and presented research abstracts related to AMR in various scientific conferences, written articles on AMR published in various blogs and magazines, and worked on two scientific research papers on AMR Challenges in Malaria and Gonorrhoea (of which one published and the other undergoing peer review in an international journal). Emmanuel also happens to be affiliated with 2 AMR Organizations, which are the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC) and Students Against Superbugs Africa (SAS Africa), where we work towards improving public awareness about AMR and proffering solutions to AMR in Africa.

Vidya Bhardwaj is a Microbiology Veterinarian at the City University of HK Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Hong Kong. As the microbiology veterinarian of a veterinary diagnostic laboratory, she manages all aspects of sensitivity testing. She uses tests and results to produce reports on surveillance data in Hong Kong as well as develop programs that drive better antimicrobial stewardship in veterinary clinics in Hong Kong. Vidya oversees surveillance programs for AMR in livestock farms in Hong Kong.

Saffiatou Darboe is a Microbiologist and Researcher at the Medical Research Council Unit at LSHTM in Gambia. Saffiatou is a dedicated and vision-driven Medical Microbiologist with extensive experience in the management of Medical Laboratory Sciences. She has a special interest in strengthening diagnostic microbiology capabilities to improve antimicrobial stewardship and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance. Most importantly, she leads and coordinates a dynamic collaboration between the MRCG at LSHTM and UCLA, California for the improvement of diagnostic capabilities in The Gambia. She is a postgraduate researcher focused on antimicrobial resistance. Saffiatou is also the current Young Ambassador of American Society for Microbiology (ASM) to The Gambia. Enthused about public engagement and communicating science activities.

Oluwaseun Aguda is a one health advocate for AMR and third year, pharmacy undergraduate in Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile ife, Nigeria. An SDGS Goal 3 and 4 advocate he believes equality in global health among a non-informed, under served groups, can easily be achieved through proper education and enlightenment. And then provision of chances to safe health by providing basic needs and amenities, and also in some cases inclusive of drugs and counseling.

Samuel Otobong Inyang is a Medical Student at the Sumy State University in Ukraine. Inyang is the National Secretary General for European Medical Students’ Association (EMSA)- Ukraine, Ambassador for IJMS and holds other positions in other associations. Due to his passion for medicine and diplomacy he has participated in different medical conference platforms. He is dynamic and seeks to gain knowledge from all fields. He has completed numerous courses with over 3 reputable universities around the world. Inyang is passionate about issues patterning Public Health and also an advocate for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and youth development. In his spare time, he likes to read, cook, sing and listen to music.

Fatima Elbasri Abuelgasim Mohammed Yagoub is a Medical student, one health advocate and external affairs regional assistant at IFMSA. She is currently serving as EA RA for Africa in IFMSA, but she is representing her self by applying to this oppourtunity in Sudan. Fatima is a 4th-year medical student at Khartoum University, Sudan. She has a deep interest in one health (AMR and environmental health) and meaningful youth participation in the decision-making process. She held several leadership positions: External Affairs Regional Assistant for Africa in the International Federation for Medical Students Association (IFMSA) 2021-2022, Activities assistant in Students Network Organization 2020-2021, Neglected Tropical Diseases Project Coordinator in Medical Students International Network-Sudan and local public health officer in Khartoum Medical Students Association 2019-2020. She represented 1.3 million medical students as part of IFMSA to high-level meetings including the 74th WHA and UN-HLPF. She has also contributed to IFMSA policies about control of emerging infectious diseases, healthy aging and lifestyle. Fatima aspires to create a community with no discrimination, full of equity and prosperity in terms of health and meaningful youth participation.

Cherith Aimionowane focuses on Healthy patients at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. Cherith is a 5th year medical student at the University of Abuja, Nigeria and so far, public health has caught her fancy. She is a lady very passionate about utilisation of public health measures and interventions in the eradication and treatment of disease. Antimicrobial resistance is still a major challenge in the third world and together, we can create a world free from antimicrobial resistance.

Martha Mwaba is a Medical Doctor at the Lusaka Apex Medical University in Zambia. Martha finished her medical school this year. One of her interests in the medical field is microbiology and from the little knowledge she has acquired is that there is overuse of antibiotics especially in the time of covid-19. For this reason there is a substantial antibiotic resistance. From this platform she would like to add to solving this problem in her community and the country at large if given the opportunity to be the ambassador.

Olakeu Bello Abdussalam is a Medical Student at the Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in Nigeria. Olakeu is currently an undergraduate medical student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria-Nigeria, Nigeria He is an Ambassador of International Journal of Medical Students, Associate member of British Infection Association and Student Member of International Society of Infectious Diseases. He’s also a Fellow, Science Journalism Forum. He is an aspiring infectious diseases physician and pharmacologist with keen interest in One Health with special consideration in antimicrobial resistance and infection prevention and control. He is hoping to make a significant contribution to the field. He is currently enrolled in data analysis and health research writing. He’s a Semi-finalist in the Clinicalkey Global Challenge 2021 organized by Elsevier Publishing Company. Olakeu is an educator with more than 5 years experience in teaching science subjects in secondary schools and he has trained and mentored students who are currently performing excellently in various universities in Nigeria and abroad.

Agbo Kingsley is a Project coordinator at the Life light foundation in Nigeria. Agbo is an associate pharmacist. He is passionate about Global health with specific interest in Antimicrobial Resistance, Infectious diseases, Research and other infectious diseases. With over 4 years volunteering experience, he has actively co-organized successful philanthropic projects and social activities with different Non-Governmental organizations to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, he’s a Millenium Campus fellow and a Member of Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS) Public Health Committee where he participates in activities that promote healthy practices among students. Through his leadership, he aspires to equip young professionals on personal and professional development strategies. Agbo is a continuous learner who constantly seeks innovative ways to proffering solution to hardest health care problems at community level. He is an entrepreneur and a project coordinator of many programs.

Patience Machayi is a Medical Student at Sumy State University in
Ukraine. Patience is an Angolan currently studying in Ukraine. She is pursing an MBBS degree at Sumy state University and is currently in her 4th year. Patience is a proud member of American Academy of Neurology, Member of Unite 2030, Member of American college of Cardiology, Member of United People Global, Member of Empower Youth led Group, Member of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy and Member of Impact Youth Suatainability. Patience has served as the director of ambassadors of World Youth International Model United Nations Ukraine and currently as an ambassador of their world organization, World Literacy Foundation, Global Reset Forum 2021, of Global Peace Chain, of greenlight for girls, of Women’s History Month, as an Ambassador of Opportunities Circle, Toufiks’s World Organization and others. She is currently serving as a volunteer of WAY foundation India.

Faith Omotayo Olanrewaju is an emerging pharmacist currently undergoing her undergraduate studies in Pharmacy and Public Health at the Prestigious University of Nigeria and University of The People in Nigeria respectively. She is passionate about Global health with specific interest in Antimicrobial Resistance, Infectious diseases, Research and other infectious diseases. With over 4 years volunteering experience, she has actively co-organized successful philanthropic projects and social activities with different Non-Governmental organizations to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, she’s a Millenium Campus fellow and a Member of Pharmaceutical Association of Nigeria Students (PANS) Public Health Committee where she participates in activities that promote healthy practices among students. Through her outstanding leadership, she aspires to equip young professionals on personal and professional development strategies. Faith is a continuous learner who constantly seeks innovative ways to proffering solution to hardest health care problems at community level.

Rebecca Udom drives awareness towards AMR especially in her immediate community at Life Pith Nigeria in Nigeria. Rebecca is a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. An alumna of the Young African Leaders Initiative, West Africa (YALI, 2020) and a fellow of the platform young professionals, Nigeria. Rebecca is passionate about youth leadership so she launched Life Pith Nigeria: a youth-led social enterprise investing in youths with knowledge on leadership and life-skills to drive Nigeria to its peak. As a biochemist, she is particularly drawn to anti-microbial resistance (AMR) and drug-drug interactions. She also looks forward to policy making in Nigeria’s health sector that can mitigate AMR. For now, she will take steps daily no matter how small to the future she envisions. She would appreciate being a part of AMR insights as an Ambassador as it will afford her the opportunity to learn more about AMR, drive awareness in her community and on media as well as inform her career steps towards research and policy making.

MaryTheresa Chinaza Akwue is a student at the University of Nigeria Nsukka in Nigeria. Mary is a graduate of Zoology and currently a student of Pharmacy at the University of Nigeria Nsukka. A pharmacy student with an interest in public health and personal development, open to learning and love volunteering to any health related work/organisation to help educate the people and also improve healthy living, to help curb some of the health challenges that we do face, out of ignorance. This inspired my joining the AMR Insights Ambassador Network, to help educate the people on the knowledge of AMR and also tackle the challenges faced due to AMR.

Abdullahi Aborode is a Research Director at the Healthy Africans Platform in Nigeria. Abdullahi is a global health and evironmental advocate, Harm Reduction Scholar in Germany, Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Student Ambassador, WHO antibiotics guardian, drug policy and harm reduction advocate and health researcher with more than 50 publications in international peer reviewed journals such as SAGE, Elsevier, Taylor and Francis, Havard Public Health Review, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygeine etc. In addition, he assumes the professional role of Director for research in SWIS Africa Research Hub, Oli Health Magazine Organization, Healthy Africans Platform, and Brain Builder Youth Development Initiatives.

Rotimi Jaiyesimi is a Group Associate Medical Director for Patient Safety at the UK National Health Service & Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Mid and South Essex University Hospitals NHS Foundation in the United Kingdom. He works with the clinical governance team to ensure effective antimicrobial stewardship, minimising drug resistance and the incidence of C. difficile and MRSA infections. He was the Lead for Sepsis Management. He is a member of USA Patient Safety Movement Working Group on Sepsis. He is Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and Visiting Professor of Law (medical law). He has published extensively and is an international speaker. He is mindful of the global threat of antimicrobial resistance and will collaborate with organisations and national governments to combat AMR. He believes low- and medium-income countries must not be left behind and is currently exploring collaborations that will strengthen the role of pharmacists in AMR. He is committed to making an impact in addressing these issues as an ambassador for antimicrobial resistance.

Domenico Britti is a professor in veterinary pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Catanzaro in Italia. Domenico is a member of the Technical Committee for Nutrition and Animal Health of the Italian Ministry of Health. He is also Director of the Interdepartmental Centre of Services for Human and Animal Health. University of Catanzaro as well as professor in Veterinary pharmacology and toxicology at the same university.

Favour Agwuna is a Pharmacy student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka in Nigeria. Agwuna is a 400 level pharmacy student at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu state in Nigeria. She hails from Ukpo in Dunukofia local government of Anambra state, Nigeria. She is a bilingualist and relish writing, debating as well as researching. She likes playing volleyball. She is also a gargantuan aficionado of soccer irrespective of the club. Favour has served in many organizations as the President, Vice President, Secretary-General, Assistant secretary-general, publicity team, medical columnist, online editor et al.

Paola Roncada is an Associate Professor at the University Magna Græcia of Catanzaro Department of Health Sciences in Italy. The results of Paola’s research activity are reported in more than 90 publications in international journals with anonymous review (peer review), H index is 32 (Google scholar 30.09.2021). Over the years, Paola has been particularly dedicated to studies of proteomics, a discipline that she has applied to the study of One Health approach, in particular on microorganisms in the veterinary public health sector, applying advanced molecular methodologies to the etiopathogenetic and diagnostic study of diseases of medical-veterinary interest, even in animal models. She also applied proteomics by investigating phenotypic adaptations of microbial consortia in complex matrices, both animal and food of animal origin. She is involved in different international and national projects, as ERA NET, COST ACTIONS, AND EU KBBE. From 2019 she is President of Italian Proteomics Association (ItPA) and from 2016 she is Council member of Human Proteome Organization (HUPO).

Musa Abba Mohammed is a Public Health Consultant at the PharmAccess Foundation in Nigeria. A Public Health Professional with skills in program management, capacity building, public-private partnerships, advocacy, and field coordination. He has experience implementing health system strengthening, humanitarian response, and WASH programs. He holds a Masters in Health Planning and Management and BSc. (Hons.) in Microbiology from the University of Maiduguri, as well as a Master of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Chester. As part of his thesis, he conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis on The Effectiveness of Intermittent Preventive Treatment with Sulphadoxine Pyrimethamine for Malaria in Pregnancy. Musa lately worked as the Program Manager under the Nigeria State Health Investment Program (A World Bank-supported Performance-Based Financing Intervention) and currently works as a Private Sector Engagement Consultant under the USAID Integrated Health Program. With rising antimicrobial resistance globally, Musa is passionate and committed to being part of the Army of Antimicrobial Resistance Fighters, wherever, whenever, and however.

Kenneth Egwu is a Student Pharmacist at the University of Nigeria Nsukka in Nigeria. Kenneth is a 400 level pharmacy student from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He is currently the vice president of Igbos for a Progressive Nigeria. He is a scriptwriter and editor for Student Against Covid-19.  Kenneth is also a social media personnel at Community Health Awareness Network and an Alumni of Global Health Emerging Leadership Program. He has a great interest in Antimicrobial resistance and is currently working on a research paper on How antimicrobial resistance could be prevented using social media.

Audrey Rollin is AMR Mission Special Projects Officer at CSIRO in Australia. Part of her role is to investigate existing AMR and AMU surveillance systems across the One Health spectrum, globally and nationally. Prior to CSIRO, Audrey was at the University of Technology Sydney as Project Officer of the OUTBREAK project focusing on One Health AMR surveillance. Previously, Audrey has held communications and marketing roles in the health and research sectors since 2016, both in Europe and Australia. She recently completed a PhD in digital health and biomedical informatics.

Michaelene Holder-March is a Health Professional at the NHS in the United Kingdom. Michaelene is a nurse, midwife who works as an infection control adviser for public and private sectors. She has worked as a health consultant with over three decades of experience in strategic and operational management in the USA and UK. From 2019, she has led the COVID-19 Outbreak management plan for Higher and Further Education institutions. Michaelene has been involved in educating the education community on infection control, antibiotics use and the importance of effective antimicrobial stewardship. Her passion for antimicrobial resistance led her to embark on a PhD program. Michaelene is currently working on a research on antibiotic resistance and technology with a focus on ePMA.

Branwen Morgan is AMR Mission Lead at CSIRO in Australia. Branwen is leading an initiative at Australia’s national science agency to build and co-create an AMR Mission with external stakeholders across government, industry and other research organisations. Over the last twenty years, Branwen has held numerous senior communications, strategy, and project delivery roles that bridge academic organisations, publicly listed companies, government and NGOs in the UK and Australia. She has a PhD in medicine and has previously worked as a science journalist. Most recently, Branwen was at the University of Technology Sydney where she was co-founder and managing director of the OUTBREAK project focusing on One Health antimicrobial resistance surveillance.

G Srinivasa Rao graduated in Veterinary Science and did post-graduation and doctoral degrees in Veterinary Pharmacology and at present working as Professor of Veterinary Pharmacology & Toxicology, Sri Venkateswara Veterinary University, Andhra Pradesh, India. Antimicrobial resistance is spreading like pandemic and may be another cause for heavy human loss in coming years in the world. Use of antibiotics either therapeutic or non-therapeutic purpose in animal and aquaculture production is one of the established causes for the AMR globally. Searching for natural products as alternatives for antibiotics in animal production can be viable option to reduce antibiotic load in animal production. Developing delivery systems for natural products in vivo is key aspect to be addressed in coming years for the success of containing AMR spread further in animal production systems. Let us fight collectively and globally to come out of the AMR for better living in the world.

Prabhakar Maurya works as a Toxicologist at Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk Assessment (CEHTRA), at its India Office. He is a veterinarian by training and has >5y of experience working at interface of sustainable development and policy issues in fields of climate change, public-health, agriculture, food science, AMR and animal health sector. He is on consultancy board of GLG, USA and National member of Indian Initiative for Management of AMR.

Vijay Pal Singh is veterinarian at the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in India. Vijay is a veterinarian by training and worked on the regulatory and surveillance aspect of Anti Microbial Resistance in Food Safety and the Standard Authority of India. Now he is researching the antimicrobial use misuse and overuse and resistance pattern in milk and milk products. He is very passionate to bring change in Antimicrobial Resistance through evidence. He played a pivotal role in banning the import of colistin and its usage in food animals.

Veranja Liyanapathirana is a Educator and Researcher at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Veranja is a lecturer in Microbiology at a Medical School in Sri Lanka. She is medically qualified but has completely switched to teaching and research. Initially, she was “attracted” to antibiotic resistance as this was an “emerging field” back in the days when she started off Microbiology. Her main interest those days were to identify resistance patterns and genetics behind it. However, with time she has realized that no matter how much we study the genetics of resistance or epidemiology, unless there is tangible action by humankind collectively, this issue is not going to be addressed. Right now she is more interested in trying to see how the available “data” can be converted to “action” at the grass-root level.

Avis Nowbuth is final year medical student at the Pan-African Organization for Health, Education and Research in Zambia and founder of AMR_Africa. Avis is a medical researcher located in Lusaka, Zambia. Her main clinical and research interest is addressing antimicrobial resistance and strengthening antimicrobial stewardship in low-resource settings, specifically in improving compliance and management antibiotics; and addressing misuse and inappropriate use of drugs for infectious diseases. She has since founded a program, I AMResponsible (Twitter: @AMR_Africa) that addresses and encourages young professionals to tackle this approach using a multidisciplinary approach.

Desislava Vankova is University teacher and researcher at the Medical University of Varna, Bulgaria. Desislava is a Medical Doctor with more than 25 years of experience in healthcare. She is Master of Public Health (Maastricht University, Netherlands) and she has a PhD in social medicine and healthcare organisation. Since 2017 she is Associate Professor at the Medical University of Varna. Docent Vankova is teaching social medicine, public health, epidemiology etc. Her particular research interests include epidemiological and clinical studies, health-related quality of life and well being, health promotion interventions, bioethics, integrative and complementary medicine, concept development and mixed-methods research. Regarding AMR (antimicrobial resistance), Desislava is interested in the role of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) as an effective and efficient way to reduce inappropriate antibiotic use (delayed prescription strategies) or as alternative prevention or treatment. She is member of the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and the European Society of Integrative Medicine (ESIM).

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