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26 May 2022

Vaccines hold potential to curb antibiotic resistance

26 May 2022

GARDP Welcomes G7 Support for its Pivotal Work to Counter Antimicrobial Resistance

25 May 2022

AMR-meta: a k-mer and metafeature approach to classify antimicrobial resistance from high-throughput short-read metagenomics data

24 May 2022

Perspectives on the Ethics of Antibiotic Overuse
and on the Implementation of (New) Antibiotics

24 May 2022

Report: WHO Strategic Priorities on Antimicrobial Resistance

20 May 2022


11 May 2022

Diets high in fiber associated with less antibiotic resistance in gut bacteria

8 May 2022

Text mining for identification of biological entities related to antibiotic resistant organisms

6 May 2022

Assessment of point-of-care testing devices for infectious disease surveillance, prevention and control – a mapping exercise

6 May 2022

AAMRNet Calls for New Pilot Fund for Antimicrobials

26 April 2022

Johnson & Johnson Launches Next Satellite Center for Global Health Discovery at Holistic Drug Discovery and Development Centre, University of Cape Town, Focused on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

22 April 2022

Sequencing for antimicrobial resistance surveillance

18 April 2022

Micreos Pharma announces success of its antibacterial enzyme that “selectively eliminates” pathogens

13 April 2022

How will UK’s fixed-fee scheme for antibiotics help tackle the growing health crisis?

13 April 2022

New antibiotics still a decade away unless policymakers, investors step up, AMR Action Fund CEO warns

12 April 2022

UK launches world-first ‘subscription’ model for antibiotic supply

11 April 2022

The antimicrobial resistance travel tool, an interactive evidence-based educational tool to limit antimicrobial resistance spread

9 April 2022

Strategic framework for collaboration on antimicrobial resistance

6 April 2022

Combating antimicrobial resistance: an evidence-based overview of bacteriophage therapy

5 April 2022

AMR Action Fund Announces First Investments in Adaptive Phage Therapeutics and Venatorx Pharmaceuticals

4 April 2022

Metagenomics-enabled microbial surveillance

1 April 2022

The 2021 WHO catalogue of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex mutations associated with drug resistance: a genotypic analysis

30 March 2022

BactiVac: Catalyst Pump-Priming Projects

29 March 2022

Considerations for the Use of Phage Therapy in Clinical Practice

29 March 2022

How The Diagnostic Community Can Integrate AI Into AMR

28 March 2022

Whole genome sequencing and gene sharing network analysis powered by machine learning identifies antibiotic resistance sharing between animals, humans and environment in livestock farming

21 March 2022

Minimizing treatment-induced emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacterial infections

18 March 2022

South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) funds ‘Antimicrobial Resistance and Global Health Research’ at UNIVEN

17 March 2022

IIT Kanpur Team Develops Novel Nano Adsorbent Technology For Purification Of Polluted Water

17 March 2022

Multicenter Evaluation of the Acuitas AMR Gene Panel for Detection of an Extended Panel of Antimicrobial Resistance Genes among Bacterial Isolates

12 March 2022

Phage banks as potential tools to rapidly and cost-effectively manage antimicrobial resistance in the developing world

12 March 2022

Venatorx Pharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results for Phase 3 Clinical Trial (CERTAIN-1) of Cefepime-Taniborbactam for Treatment of cUTI

10 March 2022

Rapid expansion and extinction of antibiotic resistance mutations during treatment of acute bacterial respiratory infections

7 March 2022

Safety and efficacy of phage therapy in difficult-to-treat infections: a systematic review

7 March 2022

SMART researchers discover unique lysin capable of killing multidrug-resistant bacteria

7 March 2022

How pharma economics hold back antibiotic development

4 March 2022

Role of mobile genetic elements in the global dissemination of the carbapenem resistance gene blaNDM

4 March 2022

Estimating the effect of vaccination on antimicrobial-resistant typhoid fever in 73 countries supported by Gavi: a mathematical modelling study

3 March 2022

Minimizing treatment-induced emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacterial infections

1 March 2022

Discovery of actinomycin L, a new member of the actinomycin family of antibiotics

28 February 2022

Phage therapy in the Covid-19 era: Advantages over antibiotics

28 February 2022

Antibacterial bioactive glass dramatically reduces microbial resistance to antibiotics

21 February 2022

Repurposing of Antibiotics: Sense or Non-sense

19 February 2022

SMART researchers discover unique lysin capable of killing deadly multidrug-resistant bacteria

15 February 2022

Accurate and rapid prediction of tuberculosis drug resistance from genome sequence data using traditional machine learning algorithms and CNN

15 February 2022

The Case for a Subscription Model to Tackle Antimicrobial Resistance

15 February 2022

The State of Innovation in Antibacterial Therapeutics [Report]

12 February 2022

Mini-labs to track and treat superbugs sent to AMR ‘blind spots’

12 February 2022

Machine learning algorithm to characterize antimicrobial resistance associated with the International Space Station surface microbiome

10 February 2022

Indian startup Bugworks Research secures $18M to advance work in AMR

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