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28 May 2024

The International FAO Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring (InFARM) system

23 May 2024

Genomic insights of Salmonella isolated from dry fermented sausage production chains in Spain and France

6 May 2024

Tackling antimicrobial resistance in food and agriculture

1 May 2024

Study finds resistance to critically important antibiotics in uncooked meat sold for human and animal consumption

30 April 2024

FAO launches global 10-year initiative to reduce the need for antimicrobials for sustainable agrifood systems transformation

27 April 2024

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR): an important one health issue for layer and meat poultry industries worldwide

22 April 2024

Comprehensive identification of pathogenic microbes and antimicrobial resistance genes in food products using nanopore sequencing-based metagenomics

22 April 2024

Stewardship according to context: Justifications for coercive antimicrobial stewardship policies in agriculture and their limitations

11 April 2024

Antimicrobial consumption and resistance in bacteria from humans and food-producing animals

10 April 2024

Population structure and ongoing microevolution of the emerging multidrug-resistant Salmonella Typhimurium ST213

9 April 2024

The application of bacteriophages in the African AgriFood sector

8 April 2024

Isolation, prevalence of bacteria and fungi from carcasses and different locations within Yola abattoir and antimicrobial resistance profile of Escherichia coli O157:H7

4 April 2024

Antibiotic resistance patterns of Staphylococcus aureus and Enterobacteriaceae isolated from street foods in selected towns of Ethiopia

1 April 2024

Danish, Swedish Institutions Form Consortium to Establish EU Reference Laboratory for AMR

28 March 2024

Antimicrobial resistant bacteria detected from imported snails and bottom dwelling fish

27 March 2024

Understanding Chick-fil-A’s Shift in Antibiotic Policy Implications for Food Safety and Consumer Health

21 March 2024

APHIS Seeks Partners to Develop Antimicrobial Resistance Dashboards to Protect Animal and Public Health

15 March 2024

Despite rising deaths from bacterial infection, meat industry under little pressure to wean itself off antibiotics

15 March 2024

Assessment of freshwater fish farms for the identification of the geographical areas harbouring antimicrobial resistance

13 March 2024

Surveillance data of the Indian Network for Fishery and Animal Antimicrobial Resistance (INFAAR)

11 March 2024

Enhancing aquaculture management: Utilizing cu-doped ZnO/graphene nanocomposite for effective reduction of antibiotics and antibiotic-resistant Bacteria in shrimp culturing ponds

7 March 2024

Genomics to detect transmission of livestock-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus from UK pigs in abattoirs during slaughter

7 March 2024

Curbing antimicrobial resistance in the poultry value chain through the farmer field school approach in Zimbabwe

3 March 2024

The European Union summary report on antimicrobial resistance in zoonotic and indicator bacteria from humans, animals and food in 2021-2022

1 March 2024

Continued efforts needed to fight antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in humans and animals

26 February 2024

Assessment of the Implementation of Pakistan’s National Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance in the Agriculture and Food Sectors

25 February 2024

Prevention and control of antimicrobial resistance in the food chain: guidance for food safety authorities in Europe

23 February 2024

Antimicrobial consumption and resistance in bacteria from humans and food‐producing animals

23 February 2024

Prevalence of colistin-resistant Escherichia coli in foods and food-producing animals through the food chain: A worldwide systematic review and meta-analysis

18 February 2024

Nitte University Designated as FAO Reference Center for Antimicrobial Resistance and Aquaculture Biosecurity

18 February 2024

Beta-lactamase genes in bacteria from food animals, retail meat, and human surveillance programs in the United States from 2002 to 2021

13 February 2024

AMR Insights in 2023 in a bird’s eye view

31 January 2024

Tackling antimicrobial resistance in food and agriculture

29 January 2024

Global surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in food animals using priority drugs maps

29 January 2024

Antimicrobial Resistance Characterization of Salmonella isolates from Animal Origins Food in Jimma, South Western Ethiopia

22 January 2024

Antimicrobial resistance in food-borne pathogens at the human-animal interface: Results from a large surveillance study in India

22 January 2024

Modeling the limits of detection for antimicrobial resistance genes in agri-food samples: a comparative analysis of bioinformatics tools

15 January 2024

Antimicrobial resistance, virulence profile, and genetic analysis of ESBL-producing Escherichia coli isolated from Nile tilapia in fresh markets and supermarkets in Thailand

8 January 2024

Predictive Mapping of Antimicrobial Resistance for Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter in Food-Producing Animals, Europe, 2000–2021

8 January 2024

Review of antibiotic use and resistance in food animal production in WHO South-East Asia Region

8 January 2024

Characteristics of antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli isolated from retail meat products in North Carolina

14 December 2023

AMR Insights in 2023 as a bird’s eye view

6 December 2023

COP28: Global leaders call for transformation of agrifood systems to combat AMR crisis

1 December 2023

UK One Health Report: Joint report on antibiotic use, antibiotic sales and antibiotic resistance

21 November 2023


5 November 2023

Tracking antimicrobial resistance along the meat chain: One Health context

2 November 2023

Statement on how to interpret the QPS qualification on ‘acquired antimicrobial resistance genes’

9 October 2023

A comprehensive review of the applications of bacteriophage-derived endolysins for foodborne bacterial pathogens and food safety: recent advances, challenges, and future perspective

16 September 2023

Antimicrobial Resistance in Slaughterhouses, Kenya

15 September 2023

Foodborne antimicrobial resistance

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