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24 May 2022

Report: WHO Strategic Priorities on Antimicrobial Resistance

23 May 2022

Antimicrobial resistance in Antarctica: is it still a pristine environment?

19 May 2022

Heavy metal pollution can increase antibiotic resistance in rivers

13 May 2022

Pharmacist-Driven Transitions of Care Practice Model for Prescribing Oral Antimicrobials at Hospital Discharge

10 May 2022

Industry and research join forces to tackle $283 billion antimicrobial resistance threat to Australia

9 May 2022

Antimicrobial Resistant Escherichia Coli in Scottish Wild Deer: Prevalence and Risk Factors

4 May 2022

The Limit of Limits: India’s Hurdles in Regulating Antimicrobial Pollution

29 April 2022

Antimicrobials and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Water Bodies: Pollution, Risk, and Control

29 April 2022

Population genomics confirms acquisition of drug-resistant Aspergillus fumigatus infection by humans from the environment

20 April 2022

Existing evidence on antibiotic resistance exposure and transmission to humans from the environment: a systematic map

12 April 2022

Environmental Dimensions of Antimicrobial Resistance

9 April 2022

Strategic framework for collaboration on antimicrobial resistance

9 April 2022

Understanding the antibiotic manufacturing ecosystem

5 April 2022

Reducing Antimicrobial Discharges from
Food Systems, Manufacturing Facilities and
Human Health Systems into the Environment

4 April 2022

Metagenomics-enabled microbial surveillance

1 April 2022

Could the next big outbreak be lurking in the water? Pharma pollution blamed for breeding superbugs

22 March 2022

Occurrence of Antibiotic Resistance in the Mediterranean Sea

22 March 2022

Existing evidence on antibiotic resistance exposure and transmission to humans from the environment: a systematic map

21 March 2022

Prevalence of CRISPR-Cas Systems and Their Possible Association with Antibiotic Resistance in Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faecium Collected from Hospital Wastewater

19 March 2022

UN Environment Programme joins alliance to implement One Health approach

18 March 2022

Antimicrobial Resistance of Heterotrophic Bacteria in Drinking Water-Associated Biofilms

17 March 2022

IIT Kanpur Team Develops Novel Nano Adsorbent Technology For Purification Of Polluted Water

11 March 2022

“War on Superbugs”: Regulation of Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment

4 March 2022

Environmental Dimensions of Antimicrobial Resistance

4 March 2022

World leaders and experts call for action to protect the environment from antimicrobial pollution

22 February 2022

McMaster researchers and industry partners develop new recommendations to combat ‘superbugs’ in Canada

17 February 2022

Pharmaceutical pollution of the world’s rivers

15 February 2022

Untreated hospital wastewater could drive antimicrobial resistance in low-income countries

12 February 2022

Antibiotic Stewardship Strategies and Their Association with Antibiotic Overuse after Hospital Discharge: An Analysis of the Reducing Overuse of Antibiotics at Discharge (Road) Home Framework

4 February 2022

Water is essential in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

1 February 2022

AMR Industry alliance third progress report

19 January 2022

A framework for standardized qPCR-targets and protocols for quantifying antibiotic resistance in surface water, recycled water and wastewater

13 January 2022

Antimicrobial Resistance and Environmental Health: A Water Stewardship Framework for Global and National Action

13 January 2022

Gene discovered in Georgia water a possible global threat

11 January 2022

A hot topic at the environment-health nexus: Investigating the impact of climate change on infectious diseases

9 January 2022

Glyphosate drives antimicrobial resistance

6 January 2022

Antimicrobial Resistance and Environmental Health: A Water Stewardship Framework for Global and National Action

3 January 2022

Decades of emerging infectious disease, food safety, and antimicrobial resistance response in Vietnam: The role of One Health

3 January 2022

Drug resistant parasites and fungi from a one-health perspective: A global concern that needs transdisciplinary stewardship programs

21 December 2021

Environmental contamination in a high-income country (France) by antibiotics, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and antibiotic resistance genes: Status and possible causes

20 December 2021

Comprehensive Genomic Survey of Antimicrobial-Resistance Bacteria in the Sewage Tank Replacement with Hospital Relocation

8 December 2021

Progressing Antimicrobial Resistance Sensing Technologies across Human, Animal, and Environmental Health Domains

7 December 2021

UV-aging of microplastics increases proximal ARG donor-recipient adsorption and leaching of chemicals that synergistically enhance antibiotic resistance propagation

6 December 2021

Resistance profiles and diversity of β-lactamases in Escherichia coli strains isolated from city-scale sewage surveillance in Bergen, Norway mimic clinical prevalence

6 December 2021

Detecting genes associated with antimicrobial resistance and pathogen virulence in three New Zealand rivers

29 November 2021

Delineating the impact of COVID-19 on antimicrobial resistance: An Indian perspective

25 November 2021

India’s waste management systems unfit to address the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance

25 November 2021

Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021: How the environment plays a role in AMR

20 November 2021

Strengthening of India’s pharma industry needs to go hand in hand with collaborative AMR mitigation

28 October 2021

Antibiotic resistance genes in bacteria: Occurrence, spread, and control

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