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8 July 2024

Surveillance data of the Indian Network for Fishery and Animal Antimicrobial Resistance (INFAAR)

8 July 2024

Temporal dynamics and persistence of resistance genes to broad spectrum antibiotics in an urban community

1 July 2024

Anthropogenic pollution may enhance natural transformation in water, favouring the spread of antibiotic resistance genes

27 June 2024

Potential of nature-based solutions to reduce antibiotics, antimicrobial resistance, and pathogens in aquatic ecosystems. A critical review

25 June 2024

Barriers and pathways to environmental surveillance of antibiotic resistance in middle- andlow-income settings: a qualitative exploratory key expert study

18 June 2024

Upper surface of coastal waters can accumulate bacteria and antibiotics

13 June 2024

Discovery of sulfonamide resistance genes in deep groundwater below Patna, India

10 June 2024

Environmental microbiome diversity and stability is a barrier to antimicrobial resistance gene accumulation

6 June 2024

Utilizing co-abundances of antimicrobial resistance genes to identify potential co-selection in the resistome

3 June 2024

Microbial communities colonising plastics during transition from the wastewater treatment plant to marine waters

31 May 2024

The CRISPR/Cas system as an antimicrobial resistance strategy in aquatic ecosystems

28 May 2024

Rapid degradation of high-concentration antibiotic via heterogeneous photocatalysis coupling Fenton-like oxidation with MIL-53(Fe) under visible light irradiation

23 May 2024

Reduction of antimicrobial resistance: Advancements in nature-based wastewater treatment

23 May 2024

Prevalence of opportunistic pathogens and anti-microbial resistance in urban aquaculture ponds

23 May 2024

Impact of Social Restrictions During COVID-19 on the Aquatic Levels of Antimicrobials and Other Drugs in Delhi

23 May 2024

Modelling the impact of wastewater flows and management practices on antimicrobial resistance in dairy farms

21 May 2024

Responsible antibiotic manufacturing: Future of pharma sustainability

18 May 2024

Technical guidance and aide-mémoire on good manufacturing practice inspection of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities with focus on reducing the incidence of antimicrobial resistance

18 May 2024

Reducing use and improved monitoring can help tackle antimicrobial pollution from livestock, fish farming

18 May 2024

Modeling the spread of antibiotics and AMR/ARGs in soil

18 May 2024

A one health approach for monitoring antimicrobial resistance: developing a national freshwater pilot effort

16 May 2024

Impact of low-dose ozone nanobubble treatments on antimicrobial resistance genes in pond water

15 May 2024

Bacterial resistome in different stages of wastewater treatment plant is highly impacted by the abundance of the Pseudomonadota community

15 May 2024

Modelling the impact of wastewater flows and management practices on antimicrobial resistance in dairy farms

13 May 2024

Exploring bacterial diversity and antimicrobial resistance gene on a southern Brazilian swine farm

9 May 2024

Role of endogenous soil microorganisms in controlling antimicrobial resistance after the exposure to treated wastewater

9 May 2024

Veterinary antimicrobials in Europe’s environment: a One Health perspective

7 May 2024

A comparative study on antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli isolates from Austrian patients and wastewater-influenced Danube River water and biofilms

6 May 2024

Exploring the causes of the prevalence of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis

2 May 2024

Transmission of antibiotic resistance through organic amendments in arable land: A 3-year field study with pigeonpea–wheat cropping system

30 April 2024

Climate change risks fuelling antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’

27 April 2024

Climate change is multiplying the threat caused by antimicrobial resistance

23 April 2024

Antimicrobial resistance landscape in a metropolitan city context using open drain wastewater-based metagenomic analysis

17 April 2024

Dispersion of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in pig farms and in the surrounding environment

15 April 2024

Cylindrospermopsin enhances the conjugative transfer of plasmid-mediated multi-antibiotic resistance genes through glutathione biosynthesis inhibition

10 April 2024

Challenges and Possibilities to Prevent and Contain AMR

8 April 2024

Comparison of methods proposed for monitoring cefotaxime-resistant Escherichia coli in the water environment

8 April 2024

Changing dynamics of antibiotic resistant Escherichia in Caspian gulls shows the importance of longitudinal environmental studies

5 April 2024

Comprehensive analysis of antimicrobial resistance in the Southwest Indian Ocean: focus on WHO critical and high priority pathogens

4 April 2024

From disinfection to pathogenicity: Occurrence, resistome risks and assembly mechanism of biocide and metal resistance genes in hospital wastewaters

30 March 2024

A One Health approach for monitoring antimicrobial resistance: Developing a national freshwater pilot effort

29 March 2024

Wastewater sequencing flushes out vital health data

29 March 2024

The relationship between water quality and the microbial virulome and resistome in urban streams in Brazil

29 March 2024

Environment, animals, and food as reservoirs of antibiotic-resistant bacteria for humans: One health or more?

23 March 2024

Sanitation in urban areas may limit the spread of antimicrobial resistance via flies

23 March 2024

Responsible AntibioticsManufacturing Platform (RAMP) Framework

20 March 2024

Towards monitoring the invisible threat: a global approach for tackling AMR in water resources and environment

18 March 2024

Approaches to monitoring and surveillance of antimicrobial resistance in bathing waters

18 March 2024

Antibiotic pollution and associated antimicrobial resistance in the environment

17 March 2024

Metagenomic insights into the wastewater resistome before and after purification at large‑scale wastewater treatment plants in the Moscow city

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