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16 February 2024

Detection of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) using advanced spectroscopic techniques: A review

15 February 2024

Phage Therapy: A Promising Solution in the Battle Against Superbugs.

14 February 2024

The Internet of Things for Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance

14 February 2024

Machine learning to predict antimicrobial resistance: future applications in clinical practice?

13 February 2024

AMR Insights in 2023 in a bird’s eye view

12 February 2024

Harnessing the potential of bimetallic nanoparticles: Exploring a novel approach to address antimicrobial resistance

10 February 2024

The 2023 AMR Industry Alliance progress survey

8 February 2024

AMR Industry Alliance Finds Exodus of Scientific Talent Threatens Progress Toward Antimicrobial Global Health Threat

7 February 2024

Antimicrobial resistance crisis: could artificial intelligence be the solution?

5 February 2024

Artificial Intelligence and the Silent Pandemic of Antimicrobial Resistance: A Comprehensive Exploration

5 February 2024

Promising strategies employing nucleic acids as antimicrobial drugs

3 February 2024

Evaluation of antimicrobial susceptibility tests for Acinetobacter and Pseudomonas species using disks containing a high dose of meropenem

3 February 2024

Bioinspired phenol-based coatings for medical fabrics against antimicrobial resistance

2 February 2024

Biosurfactant-based silver nanoparticles: Recent advances and their applications in antimicrobial drug resistance

1 February 2024

Molecular Characterization of Multidrug-Resistant Shigella flexneri

29 January 2024

EB154 individual statement on antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

24 January 2024

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) management using CRISPR-Cas based genome editing

24 January 2024

Antimicrobial resistance crisis: could artificial intelligence be the solution?

17 January 2024

Funding opportunity: The Trinity Challenge £1 million prize to tackle AMR in low- and middle-income countries

15 January 2024

Recent antibacterial carbohydrate-based prodrugs, drugs and delivery systems to overcome antimicrobial resistance

13 January 2024

Antibiotic resistance determination using Enterococcus faecium whole-genome sequences: a diagnostic accuracy study using genotypic and phenotypic data

6 January 2024

A novel antibiotic class targeting the lipopolysaccharide transporter

4 January 2024

The antimicrobial potential of bacteriophages

4 January 2024

UK should break licensing “impasse” and maximise the potential of bacteria-eating, life-saving viruses

4 January 2024

Study demonstrates potency of synthetic antibiotic against serious chronic infections

4 January 2024

Evaluation NADP

14 December 2023

AMR Insights in 2023 as a bird’s eye view

13 December 2023

Molecular Insights Into the Role of Gut Microbiota in Antibiotic Therapy Selection and Resistance Mitigation

2 December 2023

Resurrecting ancestral antibiotics: unveiling the origins of modern lipid II targeting glycopeptides

2 December 2023

Predicting future hospital antimicrobial resistance prevalence using machine learning

29 November 2023

Global pathogenomic analysis identifies known and candidate genetic antimicrobial resistance determinants in twelve species

18 November 2023

Collaboration to improve the quality of in vivo antibiotics testing

18 November 2023

Deep learning and single-cell phenotyping for rapid antimicrobial susceptibility detection in Escherichia coli

18 November 2023

The Antimicrobial Resistance Research Landscape and Emerging Solutions

18 November 2023

Multiple micronutrient deficiencies in early life cause multi-kingdom alterations in the gut microbiome and intrinsic antibiotic resistance genes in mice

13 November 2023

Development of a portable on-site applicable metagenomic data generation workflow for enhanced pathogen and antimicrobial resistance surveillance

11 November 2023

Cell-free biosynthesis combined with deep learning accelerates de novo-development of antimicrobial peptides

25 October 2023

Bolstering Public Health Preparedness by Investing in Post-Market Incentives for Novel Antibiotics

24 October 2023

Unrealized targets in the discovery of antibiotics for Gram-negative bacterial infections

23 October 2023


19 October 2023

New £30m Initiative to Address Global Threat by Accelerating the Pace of Antimicrobial Innovation!

14 October 2023

Centre of Excellence in Antimicrobial Resistance C-CAMP set up in Bengaluru

13 October 2023

Antibacterial Nanomaterials : Mechanisms, Impacts on Antimicrobial Resistance and Design Principles

13 October 2023

Therapeutic and Unconventional Strategies to Contrast Antimicrobial Resistance: A Literature Review

6 October 2023

Merck Collaborates to Address Antimicrobial Resistance

29 September 2023

ARPA-H award aims to combat antimicrobial resistance

23 September 2023

Using next generation antimicrobials to target the mechanisms of infection

11 September 2023

Resistance-minimising strategies for introducing a novel antibiotic for gonorrhoea treatment: a mathematical modelling study

8 September 2023

Using one health approaches to study effects of antibiotic stewardship on AMR development (thesis)

8 September 2023

Overcoming Resistance: The Expert Panel on Antimicrobial Availability

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