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1 December 2021

The future of combating antimicrobial resistance

1 December 2021

Is healthcare innovation threatened by superbugs?

30 November 2021

Phage therapeutics: from promises to practices and prospectives

29 November 2021

Mapping twenty years of antimicrobial resistance research trends

26 November 2021

Gene editing enables rapid engineering of complex antibiotic assembly lines

22 November 2021

C-CAMP unveils innovation hub to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

20 November 2021

Joint Statement on Strengthening the Antibiotic R&D Pipeline by Rewarding Innovation

20 November 2021

JPIAMR awards new projects in the area of transmission and interventions

17 November 2021

how AI can cope with the threat of superbugs

17 November 2021

CSIRO partners with Cicada to translate ‘superbug’ research

12 November 2021

Antibiotic resistance: how AI can tackle the superbug threat

12 November 2021

Anti-Microbial Resistance Education and Innovation Efforts

11 November 2021

PrIMAVeRa, a new ambitious project to demonstrate how vaccines can combat antimicrobial resistance

11 November 2021

This report is based on independent, quality assured research conducted by RAND Europe and funded by the AMR Industry Alliance.

4 November 2021

Adaptive Phage Therapeutics Announces Strategic Agreement with ARLG to Support Phase 1b/2 Cystic Fibrosis Study

3 November 2021

In vitro model at centre of antimicrobial drug development

2 November 2021

Antibiotic Research UK awards grants to fund research worth £200,000

26 October 2021

Antibiotics in the pipeline: a literature review (2017–2020)

26 October 2021

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance Globally Requires Maintaining Safety of Available Antibiotics and a Robust Pipeline; Animal and Environmental Health Strategies Also Needed

14 October 2021

WHO AMR Costing and Budgeting Tool

12 October 2021

Estimating the Economic and Clinical Value of Reducing Antimicrobial Resistance to Three Gram-negative Pathogens in Japan

9 October 2021

Detection of isoniazid, fluoroquinolone, ethionamide, amikacin, kanamycin, and capreomycin resistance by the Xpert MTB/XDR assay: a cross-sectional multicentre diagnostic accuracy study

8 October 2021

Prediction of antimicrobial resistance based on whole-genome sequencing and machine learning

7 October 2021

AMR in Orthopedics – Benefits of topical treatment and latest advances

7 October 2021

WHO 2021 data call is now open for both antibacterials and antifungals in the preclinical development pipeline

7 October 2021

Chip Detects Antibiotics in Exhaled Breath

6 October 2021

Scientists, biotechs look to unlock the potential of phage therapy

4 October 2021

Bioinformatics approaches to the study of antimicrobial resistance

1 October 2021

BactiVac and AMR Insights to join forces

30 September 2021

Antimicrobial Peptides—or How Our Ancestors Learned to Control the Microbiome

27 September 2021

Accelerating antibiotic discovery through artificial intelligence

27 September 2021

Will AI save us from antibiotic resistance?

8 September 2021

Antibacterial Medicinal Chemistry – What Can We Design For?

3 September 2021

Open call for peer reviewers Policy Paper on the use of Data Technologies to combat AMR

3 September 2021

Interim analysis data available from AMR survey

2 September 2021


30 August 2021

Estimating Global Patient Needs and Market Potential for Priority Health Technologies Addressing Antimicrobial Resistance

30 August 2021

Towards the sustainable discovery and development of new antibiotics

10 July 2021

LSHTM launches new centre of innovation to tackle antimicrobial resistance and tuberculosis

30 June 2021

JPIAMR-VRI Digital Platform

30 June 2021

Microfluidic filter device coupled mass spectrometry for rapid bacterial antimicrobial resistance analysis

30 June 2021

AMRFinderPlus and the Reference Gene Catalog facilitate examination of the genomic links among antimicrobial resistance, stress response, and virulence

29 June 2021

Application of the hollow fibre infection model (HFIM) in antimicrobial development: a systematic review and recommendations of reporting

29 June 2021

Integrating programmable DNAzymes with electrical readout for rapid and culture-free bacterial detection using a handheld platform

28 June 2021

Bacteriophage Proteome: Insights and Potentials of an Alternate to Antibiotics

23 June 2021

Brexit will not end scientific collaboration between the UK and EU

22 June 2021

The AMR Action Fund is combating antimicrobial resistance, but much more action is needed

22 June 2021

Congress needs to fix the broken market for antibiotic development

21 June 2021

New Technique Enables Quick Identification of Potential Drugs to Fight Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

19 June 2021

Qpex Biopharma Initiates Phase 1 Study of QPX9003 Targeting Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens

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