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1 June 2024

Knowledge of Antibiotic Use and Resistance Among Medical Students in Saudi Arabia

30 April 2024

Introduction of antimicrobial resistance education in pharmacy curricula in India: Lessons learned and future direction

17 April 2024

Introduction of antimicrobial resistance education in pharmacy curricula in India: lessons learned and future direction

13 March 2024

Knowledge, Perception, and Self-Confidence of Antibiotic Resistance, Appropriate Antibiotic Therapy, and Antibiotic Stewardship Among Undergraduate Pharmacy Students in Sudan

13 February 2024

AMR Insights in 2023 in a bird’s eye view

14 December 2023

AMR Insights in 2023 as a bird’s eye view

18 November 2023

Educating Medical Students on Antimicrobial Resistance

2 November 2023

Impact of UG Training on Understanding the Severity of Antimicrobial Resistance

6 October 2023

Quadripartite launches the Working Group on Youth Engagement for Antimicrobial Resistance

17 June 2023

Impact of social media education on antimicrobial stewardship awareness among pharmacy, medical and nursing students and residents

21 March 2023

Investigating the drivers for antibiotic use and misuse amongst medical undergraduates–perspectives from a Sri Lankan medical school

30 January 2023

Using a pharmacist-led educational tool to teach elementary and middle-school students in Lebanon about microbes, antibiotic use and antimicrobial resistance: A pilot study

18 October 2022

One Health Joint Plan of Action launched to address health threats to humans, animals, plants and environment

25 August 2022

Evaluation of knowledge about antibiotics and engagement with a research experience on antimicrobial resistance between pre-university and university students for five school years (2017–2021)

17 June 2022

Investigating pharmacy students’ therapeutic decision-making with respect to antimicrobial stewardship cases

21 May 2022

Antibiotic Stewardship with Upper Respiratory Tract Infection Patients at Student Health Centers: Providers’ Communication Experiences and Strategies

9 April 2022

Strategic framework for collaboration on antimicrobial resistance

25 March 2022

Scholars call for Paris Accord-style global agreement to combat emergence of ‘superbugs’

11 January 2022

Early-career grants: Prevention of antibiotic resistance (2022)

7 January 2022

Antimicrobial Stewardship Curriculum for High School Students

8 December 2021

Progressing Antimicrobial Resistance Sensing Technologies across Human, Animal, and Environmental Health Domains

30 October 2021

New program: Future leaders against AMR

21 October 2021

Combining stool and stories: exploring antimicrobial resistance among a longitudinal cohort of international health students

13 October 2021

Future Leaders Against AMR programme receives funding from PAR Foundation

13 October 2021

Impact of interprofessional service-learning on the effectiveness of knowledge transfer of antimicrobial resistance to Hong Kong elders: a quasi-experiment

9 October 2021

Self-Medication and Antimicrobial Resistance: A Survey of Students Studying Healthcare Programmes at a Tertiary Institution in Ghana

24 September 2021

Innovate4Health 2021

13 September 2021

Antimicrobial stewardship: Assessment of knowledge, awareness of antimicrobial resistance and appropriate antibiotic use among healthcare students in a Nigerian University

4 March 2021

Is health literacy associated with antibiotic use, knowledge and awareness of antimicrobial resistance among non-medical university students in Egypt? A cross-sectional study

19 February 2021

MicroMundo@UPorto: an experimental microbiology project fostering student’s antimicrobial resistance awareness and personal and social development

22 June 2020

University Students’ Antibiotic Use and Knowledge of Antimicrobial Resistance: What Are the Common Myths?

29 November 2019

First Irish survey of students’ awareness of antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance

20 September 2019

Product-design students’ device aims to reduce AMR in humans

8 July 2019

Empowering students to become powerful change agents against antimicrobial resistance in Nigeria

11 May 2018

“Survey: European medical students want more education on antibiotic use”

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