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AMR technology for the water sector (pharma, hospitals and waste water) in India

The Netherlands is renowned for its water sector expertise and has many companies that have water
technologies available. This also applies to technologies that help combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in water by removing antibiotics and resistant pathogens from wastewater. India faces a significant resistance problem which is also perpetuated by the presence of antimicrobial agents and resistant microorganisms in waste and surface water. The enormous problems faced by India also hold (business) opportunities to clean the environment. 

Pre-Public-Private Partnership to determine opportunities for Dutch companies

The Netherlands Embassy in New Delhi, together with RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), will carry out a Pre-Public-Private Partnership (pre-PPS) program. The goal of the Pre-PPS program is to determine the (commercial) opportunities for Dutch companies on the ‘AMR water market’ in India, and work towards potential consortia of Dutch parties that could jointly position themselves on this market.

The pre-PPS consists, among other activities, of two studies:
1. An industry analysis in the Netherlands, in order to identify the concrete interest of Dutch companies and other stakeholders in the Indian ‘AMR water market’.
2. A market study in India, in order to identify the concrete opportunities on the Indian market.

This studies will be carried out simultaneously and both studies will provide input for each other
and build on each other’s outcomes.

RVO has commissioned the ‘AMR Industry Analysis in The Netherlands’ to AMR Insights. The analysis is conducted in collaboration with European Water Stewardship (EWS) and the Dutch Consortium Antibiotics and Pharmaceutical Residues from Water. The aim is to explore the potential of the Dutch AMR ecosystem to invest and expand to the Indian market.

Private Dutch water technology companies can get involved

Dutch water tech companies are invited to complete a concise survey and get involved in the study and the activities in India. Target companies are involved in Measuring (monitoring, detecting, analysing antibiotics, micro-organisms and/or resistance genes), Treating (reduction, removal, cleansing of antibiotics, micro-organisms and/or resistance genes) and/or Integrated solutions (pilot plants, equipment, construction and/or consulting services).

Please note that this online survey is only meant for Dutch private companies (start-ups, SMEs, large and multinational companies) that are active in the domain of water and water-related technologies, cleansing, monitoring, analyses and treatments. Public bodies, authorities, research and educational institutes do not belong to the target group of this survey.

Please complete the survey before 19 Augustus. It will take you some 10-15 minutes to complete. 

Alternatively you may use the QR code to the survey:

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