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21 March 2022

Minimizing treatment-induced emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacterial infections

19 March 2022

UN Environment Programme joins alliance to implement One Health approach

17 March 2022

Engagement in Antibiotic Stewardship Programs Results in Drop in Antibiotics

16 March 2022

Prevention of antimicrobial prescribing among infants following maternal vaccination against respiratory syncytial virus

12 March 2022

Phage banks as potential tools to rapidly and cost-effectively manage antimicrobial resistance in the developing world

9 March 2022

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in COVID-19 patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis (November 2019–June 2021)

7 March 2022

A systematic review of the impacts of oral tetracycline class antibiotics on antimicrobial resistance in normal human flora 

3 March 2022

Minimizing treatment-induced emergence of antibiotic resistance in bacterial infections

3 March 2022

Why Canada hasn’t been getting the new antibiotics we need to fight drug-resistant ‘superbugs’

24 February 2022

Increase in extensively-drug resistant Shigella
sonnei infections in men who have sex with men
in the EU/EEA and the UK

23 February 2022

Antibiotic prophylaxis prescriptions prior to dental visits in the Veterans’ Health Administration (VHA), 2015–2019

16 February 2022

The Commonwealth Pharmacists Association roll out the pioneering new ‘SPARC’ programme to help combat antimicrobial resistance 

7 February 2022

Genomic diversity and antimicrobial resistance of Prevotella species isolated from chronic lung disease airways

3 February 2022

Impact of Continuous Pharmacist Intervention for Injectable Antimicrobials on the Treatment of Patients with Escherichia coli Bacteremia

2 February 2022

Impact of Education and Data Feedback on Antibiotic Prescribing for Urinary Tract Infections in the Emergency Department: An Interrupted Time Series Analysis

1 February 2022

AMR Industry alliance third progress report

1 February 2022

The widespread misuse of antibiotics in humans, animals and the environment must stop

24 January 2022

A field test for malaria resistance

18 January 2022

The Complexities of Antimicrobial Resistance in Acute Care: An Exploration of Key Actors and Factors Associated with Acute Care Antimicrobial Stewardship

12 January 2022

Diagnostics against antimicrobial resistance – the next big move

14 December 2021

Increase in antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli in food animals between 1980 and 2018 assessed using genomes from public databases

14 December 2021

Colonization of gut microbiota by plasmid-carrying bacteria is facilitated by evolutionary adaptation to antibiotic treatment

9 December 2021

Antimicrobial Resistance Threatens Development, SDGs: Tripartite Report

8 December 2021

Progressing Antimicrobial Resistance Sensing Technologies across Human, Animal, and Environmental Health Domains

7 December 2021

Surgical Antibiotic Prophylaxis in an Era of Antibiotic Resistance: Common Resistant Bacteria and Wider Considerations for Practice

6 December 2021

A rapid evidence assessment exploring whether antimicrobial resistance complicates non-infectious health conditions and healthcare services, 2010–20

30 November 2021

Phage therapeutics: from promises to practices and prospectives

25 November 2021

WHO releases HIV drug resistance report 2021

20 November 2021

FDI World Dental Federation: Prescribing of dental antibiotics up 22% in England during first year of COVID-19

20 November 2021

Antimicrobial Awareness Week 2021: Surgical site infections worsening globally

17 November 2021

Africa CDC and CDDEP release African Antibiotic Treatment Guidelines for Common Bacterial Infections and Syndromes

28 October 2021

Early-life formula feeding is associated with infant gut microbiota alterations and an increased antibiotic resistance load

26 October 2021

Combating Antimicrobial Resistance Globally Requires Maintaining Safety of Available Antibiotics and a Robust Pipeline; Animal and Environmental Health Strategies Also Needed

22 October 2021

A Strategy for Hospital Pharmacists to Control Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in Japan

22 October 2021

Antibiotic prescribing in mental health units across the Veterans’ Health Administration: How much and how appropriate?

21 October 2021

Gram-negative neonatal sepsis in low- and lower-middle-income countries and WHO empirical antibiotic recommendations: A systematic review and meta-analysis

15 October 2021

Addressing antimicrobial resistance for better care in cancer patients

15 October 2021

An international alliance to solve diagnostics’ low-visibility issue?

12 October 2021

Overuse of antibiotics in maternity and neonatal wards, a descriptive report from public hospitals in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

11 October 2021

Risk factors and mortality associated with multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacterial infection in adult patients with abdominal surgery

9 October 2021

Narrow-spectrum antibiotics for community-acquired pneumonia in Dutch adults (CAP-PACT): a cross-sectional, stepped-wedge, cluster-randomised, non-inferiority, antimicrobial stewardship intervention trial

7 October 2021

Trends in healthcare visits and antimicrobial prescriptions for acute infectious diarrhea in individuals aged 65 years or younger in Japan from 2013 to 2018 based on administrative claims database: a retrospective observational study

7 October 2021

AMR in Orthopedics – Benefits of topical treatment and latest advances

6 October 2021

Scientists, biotechs look to unlock the potential of phage therapy

6 October 2021

National Ambulatory Antibiotic Stewardship Program Offers Hope in Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance

1 October 2021

Value of pneumococcal vaccination in controlling the development of antimicrobial resistance (AMR): Case study using DREAMR in Ethiopia

1 October 2021

BactiVac and AMR Insights to join forces

1 October 2021

Compelling evidence of the connection between AMR surgical-site infections and arthropods

29 September 2021

Gram-negative neonatal sepsis in low- and lower-middle-income countries and WHO empirical antibiotic recommendations: A systematic review and meta-analysis

24 September 2021

Large-scale genomic analysis of antimicrobial resistance in the zoonotic pathogen Streptococcus suis

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