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3 February 2020

Urine fertilizer: ‘Aging’ effectively protects against transfer of antibiotic resistance

31 January 2020

Companies must responsibly manufacture the antimicrobials society needs

30 January 2020

Antibiotic-resistance in Tanzania is an environmental problem

30 January 2020

Croatian ‘Superbug River’ Puts Pharma Pollution Under the Microscope

29 January 2020

Antibiotic resistance: Effect of climatic spike

29 January 2020

Reducing the Consumption of Antibiotics: Would That Be Enough to Slow Down the Dissemination of Resistances in the Downstream Environment?

28 January 2020

Superbug Risk Rises as Big Pharma Fails to Disclose Antibiotic Waste Leaked From Factories

28 January 2020

Tackling antimicrobial resistance on multiple fronts

27 January 2020

Industry says voluntary plan to curb antibiotic pollution is working, but critics want regulation

10 January 2020

The Ganges is teeming with ‘astronomical’ amounts of antibiotic-resistant bacteria spread by tonnes of sewage from half a million annual Hindu pilgrims and tourists

2 January 2020

AquaticPollutants call pre-announcement

15 December 2019

Eutrophication and Related Antibiotic Resistance of Enterococci in the Minjiang River, China

5 December 2019

High levels of pharmaceutical pollution found in industrialising counties

22 November 2019

Global Initiative on Education in AMR Diagnostics (JPIAMR VRI)

29 October 2019

Reframing Resistance

29 October 2019

Sewage, rivers and soils provide missing link in antibiotic resistance story

25 October 2019

Abundance and Antimicrobial Resistance of Three Bacterial Species along a Complete Wastewater Pathway

24 October 2019

Thinking outside the box: Association of antimicrobial resistance with climate warming in Europe – A 30 country observational study

24 October 2019

Perspective on Pharma: Tackling AMR through sustainable antibiotic production

14 October 2019

University of Edinburgh Study Finds Antimicrobial Bacteria in Hospital Wastewater in Research That Has Implications for Microbiologists

8 October 2019

The washing machine as a reservoir for transmission of extended spectrum beta-lactamase (CTX-M-15)-producing Klebsiella oxytoca ST201 in newborns

7 October 2019

Antibiotic resistant genes prevalent in groundwater

2 October 2019

WASH & Antimicrobial Resistance

2 October 2019

Antibiotics Resistance: Taking the road not yet taken

28 September 2019

Land Use and Environmental Variables Influence Tetracycline-Resistant Bacteria Occurrence in Southeastern Coastal Plain Streams

25 September 2019

Secrets of the hospital underbelly: abundance of antimicrobial resistance genes in hospital wastewater reflects hospital antimicrobial use and inpatient length of stay

24 September 2019

United States Gathers 350 Commitments to Combat Antibiotic Resistance, Action Must Continue

18 September 2019

New ReAct policy brief: Antimicrobial resistance and universal health coverage – What’s the deal?

16 September 2019

Antibiotic resistance rising among dolphins, study reveals

14 September 2019

The evolution of antibiotic resistance

13 September 2019

Population-level surveillance of antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli through sewage analysis

6 September 2019

Translating antibiotic prescribing into antibiotic resistance in the environment: A hazard characterisation case study

6 September 2019

Public Consultation on the Global AMR R&D Hub’s Draft Collaboration Framework

4 September 2019

Ten-year narrative review on antimicrobial resistance in Singapore

2 September 2019

The Spectre of Superbugs: Waste, Structural Violence and Antimicrobial Resistance in India

28 August 2019

Reducing Emissions from Antibiotics Production (REAP)

27 August 2019

Spraying Antibiotics to Fight Citrus Scourge Doesn’t Help, Study Finds

23 July 2019

Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Profiles of Salmonella Biofilm and Planktonic Bacteria Challenged with Disinfectants Commonly Used During Poultry Processing

17 July 2019

Antimicrobial Resistance in Animals and the Environment

29 June 2019

Antibiotic resistant bacteria and genes in wastewater and drinking water

28 June 2019

JPIAMR Roadmap of Actions 2019-2024

27 June 2019

Global opportunity to tackle antibiotic production waste

23 June 2019

New commitments in the fight against antimicrobial resistance

18 June 2019

Wildlife is overlooked in the epidemiology of medically important antimicrobial resistant bacteria

4 June 2019

Study shows Nairobi River has alarming levels of antibiotics

2 June 2019

Antimicrobial Resistance Partnership Hub launched in China

28 May 2019

World’s rivers ‘awash with dangerous levels of antibiotics’

21 May 2019

AI-powered ‘knowledge engine’ a game-changer for antibiotic resistance

18 May 2019

UK global approach to tackling the threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) gets UN recognition.

18 May 2019

Government launches ‘One Health’ approach to tackle antimicrobial resistance

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