Reframing Resistance

  29 October 2019

How to communicate about antimicrobial resistance effectively.

This report aims to guide experts, communicators and practitioners to communicate with impact, so that the public understands and supports action on drug-resistant infections.

Global action to tackle drug-resistant infections is not happening at the scale and urgency needed. Action among political leaders can be strengthened with public support. But public understanding of antimicrobial resistance and its impact is currently limited.

Visit the Wellcome site for the download of the report. 

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Boosting innovation to curb AMR?

AMR Innovation Mission UK 2021


The AMR Innovation Mission UK 2021 aims to add to the global curbing of AMR by boosting joint early & translational research, R&D, clinical development,  validation, registration and commercialisation of vaccines, microbial diagnostics and antimicrobial products.


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