In response to online Masterclass of 23 September 2021: 

  • My sincerest thanks for the excellent presentation and great speakers talking about AMR today. I learned valuable lessons about AMR
  • Amazing work Maarten. Connecting scientists worldwide to a common cause of curtailing AMR
  • Excellent meeting – i love the depth, breadth and diversity!!
  • A very powerful masterclass today
  • The sessions were very informative, and I particularly appreciated the mix of scientific and personalized (case study) content
  • It was a fantastic session, very insightful and exciting. Thanks to you also for the beautiful presentation
  • I have been introduced with many different insights from different part of the world through this session. It was really effective and I would say fruitful endeavor. You have done brilliant job, impressive.
  • Thanks for the lecture
  • It really highlighted the problem of inappropriate antibiotics use in low resource settings in Africa
  • Thanks for an excellent presentation
  • Thanks very much for the excellent overview on AMR
  • Thank you Maarten for the great masterclass! I’m always so inspired after attending one of your events
  • Very mind opening. It did take a while but it really was worthwhile. Lovely presentations through out!!
  • Thank you! Wonderful class and very interesting presentations!
  • Many thanks Maarten and all speakers …..It was very helpful and informative
  • Thank you Dr. Maarten and the team for the class. It is very fruitful
  • Such an enlightening class!!! So much to learn. Many thanks to all the organisers, presenters and all participants
  • Thank you Maarten, we really appreciate your efforts. This was great.
  • Thanks to all the panelists! Such an inspiring masterclass
  • Thank you for the whole Masterclass! Inspiring!
  • Thank you so much for this masterclass. It was very informative!
  • Today has been a wonderful one with lots of insights to glean. Thank you
  • Thank you very much, I had a great time and a lot of enlightenment
  • I was really very happy to be among the participants
  • Thank you once again for the inspiring course!
  • Thank you for such an informative lecture
  • I acquired very interesting insights on the massive role of vaccination on AMR and the exciting technology innovations on tackling AMR
  • It was another very successful event with sharing a wealth of knowledge across the globe
  • Hats off to your commitment, courage and persistence on organizing and continuity of these events with such success
  • A pleasure to attend the well-organized and informative masterclass


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