About Maarten van Dongen

Dr Maarten van Dongen is the inspiring founder of AMR Insights and the driving force behind this international information platform.

As ‘AMR generalist’ Maarten is the leader of the different parts of the Masterclass. In each part he involves a specialist. 

Maarten is committed to eliminating antimicrobial resistance, because he does not accept that millions of innocent people need to die as a result of resistant bacteria and other microorganisms. His mission is to save lives by increasing awareness, informing and connecting people.

Maarten studied Molecular and Medical Microbiology at the University of Groningen and obtained his PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Amsterdam (part of his research carried out at the Medical Research Council in Cambridge in the UK). He has lectured part-time at the Universities of Leiden, Amsterdam and Utrecht and at the Hogeschool Utrecht in The Netherlands.

He is much in demand as a speaker at symposia, discussion leader at forum discussions and as a guest speaker. See his LinkedIn profile

About AMR Insights

AMR Insights focuses on informing, educating and connecting professionals worldwide who contribute to the global fight against antimicrobial resistance. To this end, AMR Insights is building a worldwide network of Ambassadors (currently almost 200 in 50 countries).


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