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Destiny Pharma is a clinical phase biotechnology company dedicated to the development of novel anti-infectives with a focus on infection prevention. The Company is developing novel antimicrobial drugs from its “in-house” XF platform and also from recently acquired Biotherapeutic products that harness beneficial components of the human microbiome. We have two exciting late stage clinical assets and a range of earlier research programmes. XF-73 nasal is our novel Phase 2b clinical asset for the prevention of post-surgical Staphylococcal infections which reported positive top-line data in Q1 2021. The Phase 2b trial achieved it’s primary endpoint with >99% nasal bacterial load reduction (p<0.0001) by the XF-73 nasal gel, with an excellent safety profile and no treatment related adverse events reported. Further information on the results of the trial can be found here. Our XF drug platform acts via an ultra-rapid action that kills targeted bacteria (including antibiotic resistant strains) leaving the bacteria unable to mount a resistance. Destiny Pharma also recently acquired global rights to NTCD-M3 for the prevention of recurring Clostridioides difficile gut infections that is planned to start Phase 3 studies in 2022. Destiny Pharma is also collaborating with SporeGen Limited on a novel treatment for the prevention of COVID-19 and similar respiratory viral infections using a Bacillus based approach. This project is at the preclinical development stage as are several earlier XF projects. The Company will look to enter selected partnerships to develop its assets and also apply for non-dilutive sources of grant and governmental funding, as it has done in the past, to assist in the development of its portfolio.

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