Contributing to AMRelay 2023 by those who contribute to curbing AMR

Public & private organisations and individuals are welcome:  

  • AMR Centers and coworkers 
  • Academic Centers, Research Centers and coworkers
  • Funding organisations and coworkers 
  • Patient organisations and coworkers
  • Patients who have had drug resistant infections
  • Private companies pharma/diagnostics/other: startups, SMEs, multinationals 
  • NGOs, regional organisations involved in curbing AMR and coworkers
  • Authorities, Politicians and Government leaders
  • Initiatives, networks and groupings involved in the curbing of AMR
  • KOLs in the AMR field
  • Celebrities who wish to serve as AMR champions

Creative contributions to inform, inspire and encourage

All inspiring, encouraging and creative online contributions are welcomed:

  • Stories / interviews on the “lived experience”
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Photos / galleries
  • Videos / short movies
  • Pieces of music / talks / poems
  • Dance performances
  • Recordings in live ‘AMR settings’
  • Artist renditions
  • Panel discussions
  • Fireside chats
  • Announcements 

Format of the contributions

Once you have registered you can deliver your contribution as a pre-recorded / live:

  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Video / live performance
  • Photo gallery
  • Podcast 

We encourage you to add audio to your contribution!

The online contributions can be delivered real time as well as pre-recorded. You may want to share your contribution in your language. If so, indicate this in the registration form. Please note that your contribution may be recorded. 

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