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Inspiring International Matchmaking Symposium on the use of Data Tech to corner AMR

  07 June 2019

Over 50 participants from Uganda to the USA, from Sweden to France and from Poland to the UK: dedicated to corner aMR by Artifical intelligence, #internetofthings and #blockchain. keynote lectures, matchmakings, technology updates, forum discussion, open call to connect databases, information market, networking and above all the committment to fight antimicrobialresistance!

Data technologies to corner Antimicrobial resistance

  13 May 2019

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of (Diagnostic) Things and Blockchain have the potential to reverse the tide in the global fight against against Antimicrobial resistance.

Within the context of the fourth industrial revolution Information and Data Technologies are no longer a supporting tool but a value-creating factor vital for the policy and strategy of every organization. A broad social development is going on in which data and data analysis plays a central role.

What is antibiotic resistance?

  20 March 2019

Antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria to become insensitive to the action of an antibiotic: the specific antibiotic does no longer inhibit the growth of the bacteria or the bacteria are no longer killed by the antibiotic. Treatment of a patient or sick animal with the antibiotic to which the bacteria are resistant has no effect: the bacteria continue to grow undisturbedly and the infectious disease may further develop.

What are antibiotics?

  12 March 2019

Antibiotics are substances that specifically inhibit the growth of bacteria or even kill bacteria.

What are bacteria?

  21 February 2019

Bacteria are small, single-celled microorganisms that belong to the oldest life form on earth. Bacteria exist about 3.5 billion years (the earth about 4 billion years).

Antibiotic resistance and your next door neighbor

  21 February 2019

A few years ago my neighbor urgently had to be hospitalized. He was suffering from a serious infection, lost consciousness and was treated with various antibiotics at the intensive care unit.

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