Planning in 2021


For logistic reasons we encourage you to register as soon as possible. 

Until November 23

In the course of November, we will bring AMRelay to the attention to the visitors of AMRelay: professionals in public and private organizations, citizens, patients, healthcare providers and all others worldwide who feel involved in the fight against AMR. And you can register: first come, first served.

On 24 November

On November 24 itself, AMRelay will be able to be followed worldwide through one and the same URL. This URL provides direct access to AMRelay. We will raise global awareness on AMRelay and this URL through mailings and on social media prior to and on November 24. In doing so, we will work closely with the organizations that contribute to the content of AMRelay.

The sooner you sign up to contribute to AMRelay the better off you will be. This also applies to the sponsors.


What is going on with AMR?
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