Virulence and antibiotic-resistance genes in Enterococcus faecalis associated with streptococcosis disease in fish

  30 January 2023

Enterococcus faecalis is associated with streptococcosis like infection in fish. A whole-genome sequence study was conducted to investigate the virulence factor and antibiotic-resistance genes in three fish pathogenic E. faecalis. Genomic DNA was extracted from three strains of E. faecalis isolated from streptococcosis infected Nile tilapia (strains BF1B1 and BFFF11) and Thai sarpunti (strain BFPS6). The whole genome sequences of these three strains were performed using a MiSeq sequencer (Illumina, Inc.). All three strains conserved 69 virulence factor such as genes associated with protection against oxidative stress, bacterial cell wall synthesis, gelatinase toxin, multiple biofilm-associated genes and capsule producing genes. 

Further reading: Nature Scientific Reports
Author(s): Tasmina Akter et al
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