UK organisations (starts-ups, SMEs, multinationals, academia, research institutes etc) are invited to get involved and to participate in the programme at the 3 different locations. 

Starting points (for participating UK organisations)

  • Participation for one day or more days is possible
  • Travel and accommodation within the UK at your own expense
  • Possibility of staying overnight at reduced hotel costs
  • Selected UK companies will present themselves
  • The programme itself (lectures, presentations, partnering sessions) is free of charge.
  • Selection based on meeting the criteria (innovativeness, relationship with AMR and willingness to cooperate internationally)

Pre-visit briefing event for UK organisations

Please note that joining the pre-visit briefing event on [date TBD] is obligatory. 

There online event will explain the programme and set up of the mission. There will be a separate event for UK organisations. The event will likely take 1-2 hours. The exact time slot will follow.

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