The compassionate use of bacteriophages for failed persistent infections during the first five years of the Israeli Phage Therapy Center (IPTC)

  25 April 2023

The use of bacteriophages (phages) is re-emerging as a potential treatment option for antibiotic-resistant or non-resolving bacterial infections. Phages are bacteria specific viruses that may serve as a personalized therapeutic option with minimal collateral damage to the patient or its microbiome. In 2018 we established the Israeli Phage Therapy Center (IPTC) as a shared initiative of the Hadassah Medical Center and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, aiming to conduct all the steps required for phage-based solutions, from phage isolation and characterization to treatments, for non-resolving bacterial infections. So far, a total of 159 requests for phage therapy arrived to the IPTC; 145 of them were from Israel and the rest from other countries. This number of registered requests is growing annually. 

Author(s): Hadil Onallah et al
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