Missions: We take you to where you succeed with your new AMR technology

Worldwide; online and in person
AMR Insights; national and regional authorities

Would you like to engage with global AMR stakeholders to boost your innovation and to enter into new collaborations?


The overall aim of the AMR Innovation Missions is to help the global curbing of Antimicrobial resistance (‘AMR’) by boosting international collaboration and joint innovation by:

  • Learning about the AMR hotspots & ecosystem in the host country
  • Partnering with visiting and hosting delegates
  • Initiating collaborations in the domain of diagnostics, antimicrobials, and preventives markets


AMR Insights partners with national and regional authorities to organise the mission. 


The AMR Innovation Missions may consist of a virtual mission (1 day) as well as a physical mission (3-5 days). The missions are part of a rotating program. In March 2024 we will visit Switzerland and organise another inward mission to the UK together with Innovate UK. 


The first virtual mission was organised in 2021 and the first physical mission in 2022. Both very successful missions were to the United Kingdom. In 2022 the USA was attended and in 2023 we visited Germany and Switzerland. These missions were organised in close collaboration with Innovate UK. 

For an example of an inward mission in 2022 to the UK see the website. For the announcement of the mission to India in 2023 see here


For all further information: info@amr-insights.eu


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