Inward AMR Innovation Mission UK 2024

The overall aim of the inward AMR Innovation Mission UK 2024 is to help the global curbing of Antimicrobial resistance (‘AMR’) by boosting collaboration and joint innovation with UK businesses. 

The objectives of the inward AMR Innovation Mission UK 2024 include:

  • Learn about the AMR hotspots & ecosystem in the UK
  • Partner with delegates from the UK, EU and Rest of the World
  • Initiate AMR collaborations: diagnostics, antimicrobials, and preventives markets

The inward AMR Innovation Mission will take place from 2-7 June 2024. 

This mission, led by Innovate UK, will welcome a delegation of global AMR companies to the UK. These companies will participate in a tour of the UK, visiting three of the UK’s AMR hotspots. At each location you will be part of an interactive program with lectures, company presentations, matchmaking sessions, tours and an attractive social program. The mission will present opportunities for international cooperation and joint innovation with the UK AMR business community.

The focus will cover vaccines, diagnostics, antimicrobials, alternatives treatments, surveillance, stewardship & infection control in the context of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and Human Health. 

We will accept a maximum 25-30 global, quality AMR companies. 


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