Interim analysis data available from AMR survey

  03 September 2021

AMR Insights in collaboration with MindGame is developing the three-step gamified program ”Focus on prescription’ to counter the global escalation of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The program aims to promote the prudent, rational prescription and use of antibiotics in human healthcare. The program is aimed at medical professionals involved in prescribing antibiotics: GPs, medical microbiologists and other medical specialists, nursing home specialists and related health workers around the globe. 

As step one of the program, the mobile phone based survey tool ‘Are you resistant’ is deployed to gage the level of awareness in the field. The first interim results (August, 2021) of the survey include:

  • Some 40 percent underestimated the currently available number of antibiotics
  • Some 57 percent underestimated the expected number of deaths due to AMR 
  • One out of three was of the opinion that pharmacists are proper antibiotics prescribers (next to doctors)
  • The majority (82%) was very much aware of best practices of prescribing antibiotics
  • Only about half of the people (55%) was aware of the various impacts of AMR
  • There is a clear preparedness of learning when completing the survey
  • About 77% do not consider patient pressure to be an important consideration when prescribing Antibiotics
  • About 27% is of the opinion that therapy loyalty has a positive effect on AMR emerging
  • According to 68% prevention of misdiagnosis of patience is the greatest cost saver (the second greatest saver with 23% the improved ability to detect AMR in a pathogen).

For the awareness question we will raise the bar.
For more information on the development of the gamified program we refer to the website

Further reading: AMR Insights and Mindgame
Author(s): AMR Insights and Mindgame
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