In A First, Dr Dangs Lab Begins Bacteriophage Susceptibility Testing To Combat Antibiotic Resistance

  23 October 2020

In an initiative that will enable thousands of Indians suffering from unresolved and antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections to get bacteriophage susceptibility testing done locally, Dr Dangs Lab, a Delhi-based diagnostic laboratory, has begun diagnostic bacteriophage sensitivity testing to equip patients for subsequent therapy to treat antibiotic-resistant infections, with pan-India sample collection services.
The Lab has joined hand with Vitalis Phage Therapy, India’s first phage therapy initiative, to provide phage sensitivity testing in India, making it easier for Indians to access phage therapy offered by the Eliava Phage Therapy Center, associated with the 97-year-old Eliava Institute of Bacteriophages, Microbiology and Virology in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Phage therapy is an approach to treat bacterial infections and can be used to treat antibiotic-resistant infections, said Dr Arjun Dang, CEO of Dr Dangs Lab. Antibiotic resistance or antimicrobial resistance (AMR) due to rampant misuse of antibiotics, has emerged as a major threat to humanity.

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Author(s): ANI
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