Comparison of bacterial suppression by phage cocktails, dual-receptor generalists, and coevolutionarily trained phages

  15 December 2022

The evolution and spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria have renewed interest in phage therapy, the use of bacterial viruses (phages) to combat bacterial infections. The delivery of phages in cocktails where constituent phages target different modalities (e.g., receptors) may improve treatment outcomes by making it more difficult for bacteria to evolve resistance. However, the multipartite nature of cocktails may lead to unintended evolutionary and ecological outcomes. Here, we compare a 2-phage cocktail with a largely unconsidered group of phages: generalists that can infect through multiple, independent receptors. 

Further reading: Wiley Online Library
Author(s): Joshua M. Borin, Justin J. Lee, Krista R. Gerbino, Justin R. Meyer
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