Characterization of antibiotic-resistance traits in Akkermansia muciniphila strains of human origin

  13 November 2022

Akkermansia muciniphila, a commensal bacterium commonly found in healthy gut microbiota, is widely considered a next-generation beneficial bacterium candidate to improve metabolic and inflammatory disorders. Recently the EFSA’s Panel on Nutrition, Novel food, and Food Allergens has declared that pasteurized A. muciniphila DSM 22959T (also MucT, ATCC BAA-835) can be considered safe as a novel food, opening the door to its commercialization as a food supplement. Despite its recognized health benefits, there is still little information regarding the antimicrobial susceptibility of this species and reference cut-off values to distinguish strains with intrinsic or acquired resistance from susceptible strains. In this study, we combined a genomic approach with the evaluation of the antibiotic susceptibility in five human A. muciniphila isolates. 

Further reading: Nature Scientific Reports
Author(s): Rossella Filardi, Giorgio Gargari, Diego Mora & Stefania Arioli
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