BactiVac and AMR Insights to join forces

  01 October 2021

The BactiVac Bacterial Vaccinology Network (UK) and AMR Insights (The Netherlands) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their relationship. The parties recognise their complementary interests and strengths in the field of infectious disease, antimicrobial resistance R&D and curbing the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in general. 

BactiVac and AMR Insights intend to work together for their mutual benefit by facilitating global exchange of information and publications, promoting opportunities available through either party, such as training and events and by inviting each other to contribute to relevant conferences. The parties recognize that cooperation is a necessary condition for success in the global fight against AMR. Vaccination of humans and animals plays a prominent role in this effort. 

About BactiVac:
The Bacterial Vaccines Network ‘BactiVac’ is a global network bringing together members based in academic, industry and policy sectors to accelerate the development of vaccines against human and animal bacterial infections relevant to low and middle-income countries (LMICs). The BactiVac Network was established in August 2017. The Network is directed by Professor Cal MacLennan and Professor Adam Cunningham and is hosted at the University of Birmingham in the UK. For more information see BactiVac

About AMR Insights:
AMR Insights is a global antimicrobial resistance network informing, educating and bringing together professionals in academic, industry and policy sectors to add to the global curbing of antimicrobial resistance. AMR Insights was established in 2017 and is directed by Dr Maarten van Dongen. AMR Insights has set up a global network of AMR Insights Ambassadors and has co-founded the Dutch Consortium Antibiotics and Pharmaceutical Residues from Water. AMR Insights is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Further reading: AMR Insights
Author(s): BactiVac & AMR Insights
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