Webinar: Meet the AMR Insights Ambassador Network

02/06/2020 - 02/06/2020
Online webinar
AMR Insights

Meet the Ambassadors Network

NB The date is provisional

The aim of this webinar is to give you a clear impression of the rapidly growing international AMR Insights Ambassador network in a short period of time.

Participation in the webinar is open to anyone who wants to contribute to the global fight against antimicrobial resistance. We kindly ask you to register. There are no costs involved in participating in the webinar.

The webinar introduces the Ambassadors Network: why it was started and who is part of it, which professions are part of it and in which countries the ambassadors are based.

It also discusses the objective of the Ambassadors’ Network and the different projects the network has started in the past period.
During this webinar several Ambassadors from different continents will explain why they are part of the network. Based on their own profession, they will discuss the added value of the network. They will also report on their involvement in the projects initiated by the network.

The webinar concludes with an explanation of why and how to join the network.


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International Masterclass AMR 29 SEP delivered digitally: 2 = 1!


  • Science, Health-Economic & Societal impact
  • Global causes and global solutions
  • Bottom-up, interactive approach
  • International Experts involved

Offered online!

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