Understanding the lived-experience and support-needs of people living with antimicrobial resistance in the UK through interpretative phenomenological analysis

  11 February 2024

In-depth semi-structured interviews were undertaken with nine people who had been living with resistant infections or colonisation for 12-months or longer. Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis was used to study the accounts and illustrate individuals’ experiences and support-needs. Participants experienced marginalisation and isolation but also empowerment; described across three major themes: (1) I live in fear and stigma: The long-term impact of AMR; (2) I am battling on my own: A journey toward self-advocacy; and (3) I like to share my story: The role of AMR communities. All participants perceived a lack of knowledge, information, and support from clinicians; difficulties accessing reliable and understandable information; and lack of understanding from family and friends. 

Further reading: Nature Scientific Reports
Author(s): Ryan A. Hamilton et al
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