Dr Phil Packer: Innovate UK (UK)

Phil Packer is the Innovation Lead for AMR and Vaccines at Innovate UK, developing & delivering funding calls, supporting workshops and strategy. Innovate UK have a One Health approach to AMR, funding SMEs and industry to develop new vaccines, antimicrobials and therapies for infectious disease in both humans and animals. In addition, capabilities and technologies are
supported in Infection, Prevention and Control to reduce further spread of antimicrobial resistance in the Human Health, Environment and Agri-sectors. The research developed and delivered in relation to vaccines for infectious diseases was crucial
to supporting the UK’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Bita Najafi: Innovate UK EDGE (UK)

Bita Najafi joined Innovate UK EDGE in 2021 and is supporting SMEs in the South East region in achieving their business objectives and to help them grow. She holds a Masters Degree in Medical Genetics and an MA in Counselling and psychotherapy.

Bita has over 20 years’ experience in the medical and healthcare sector and has successfully set up and grown businesses. She has also invested in a number of early stage MedTech companies. During her career she has worked in international markets and grown her accounts significantly. Bita is now part the Global Business Innovation Programme team at Innovate UK EDGE.

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Dr Liam Harris: UK Science & Innovation Network (UK)

Liam Harris is part of the UK Science and Innovation Network, a global network jointly funded by FCDO/BEIS, and he is based in the British Consulate General in Düsseldorf. In his role, he is responsible for the priority topics Emerging Technologies (AI, quantum) and Global Health/Life Sciences, supporting UK science and innovation policy objectives through exchange with German counterparts and fostering bilateral collaboration opportunities. Prior to joining SIN, he worked in various roles in the Department for International Trade, with a particular focus on Life Sciences Innovation and EU market access issues. He holds a PhD from Imperial College London in the field of Defence Sector Technology Transfer.

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Reece Hamilton; British Embassy Berne (CH)

Reece Hamilton is part of the Science and Innovation Network (SIN) team at the British Embassy Berne. As part of the SIN Switzerland team, it is Reece’s responsibility to maintain the UK government’s science and innovation interests in Switzerland. Currently, the UK’s priorities fall under the topics of Life Science, Innovation, Emerging Tech, and Climate. To maintain these interests, Reece supports UK science and innovation policy objectives through exchange with Swiss counterparts in order to foster bilateral collaboration opportunities. Before joining SIN, Reece worked as a Marine Biologist in Indonesia, Maldives, and Mauritius. In this role, he provided leadership and direction for protocols concerning marine life protection in-water and enforcement of greener standards in office and resort practices, as well as coordinating marine research projects. 

Reece holds a Master of Science degree in Oceanography from the University of Southampton, and has worked alongside marine research and conservation organisations such as Manta Trust and Green Fins.

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Rocky Moore; Innovate UK EDGE (UK)

Rocky Moore is an Innovation & Growth Specialist and has been supporting SME growth in the South-East for many years. Before he joined Innovate UK EDGE, he was a successful entrepreneur, enabling him to understand what business owners go through to achieve business growth. One of the key attributes to supporting SMEs is Rocky’s ability to connect and develop reciprocal relationships ensuring they link in with long term strategies. He is keen to help our UK SMEs develop their international markets through the Global Business Innovation Programmes.

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Dr Maarten van Dongen: AMR Insights BV (NL)

Maarten van Dongen is an AMR expert and founder of AMR Insights BV. He is a Molecular & Medical Microbiologist by origin. Maarten has worked for the international pharma and biopharma industry and has advised on Life Sciences and Innovation. In 2017, he founded AMR Insights to combat AMR by informing, educating and connecting professionals. It has set up a network of over 450 Ambassadors in some 60 countries and has developed into a global information platform and competence centre on AMR.

Maarten is committed to eliminating AMR because he does not accept that millions of people need to die as a result of resistant bacteria.

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