Tracking antimicrobial resistance along the meat chain: One Health context

  05 November 2023

Food borne pathogens and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represent the significant public health challenges in the 21st century. Increased emergence of AMR in major zoonotic food borne pathogens (Salmonella, Campylobacter) and in commensal bacteria (E. coli, enterococci), its presence in agro-food (meat) chain and environment, including control/prevention of AMR transfer from food-producing animals to humans via food consumption, is of utmost importance for public health. This review highlights the most relevant risk mitigation strategies for AMR in the meat production chain within One Health context. The monitoring and surveillance systems for AMR in meat chain are presented and briefly discussed, including sampling schemes, susceptibility testing, clinical resistance and epidemiological cut-off values.

Further reading: Research Gate
Author(s): Ivan Nastasijevic et al
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