The battle against antimicrobial resistance in India: the complex relationship between environmental protection, economic growth, and public policy

  21 May 2021

Originated in the media and the public sphere, during the last years the image of India as the world’s pharmacy has been promoted by the national government. The primary role acquired by the Indian pharmaceutical sector in the global supply chain echoes the governmental flagship programs designed to boost the manufacturing and technological capacities of the country. Despite being partially dependent on China for the procurement of active pharmaceutical ingredients, the Indian pharmaceutical sector is among the crowning achievements of the rampant domestic industry. Without Indian manufacturing, within a few weeks, people living in the United States and Europe would run in shortage of paracetamol or antibiotics. The reliance of the most advanced countries for the drugs produced in India is undisputedly providing prestige to the industrial sector, favouring its political positioning in India’s agenda on foreign relations and commercial affairs.

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