Taiwan develops microfluidic platform for rapid screening of diseases

  18 January 2021

Taiwan’s Health and Biotech company MedFluid has developed the fastest, first-in-class antimicrobial susceptibility test that will aid in providing precise medical prescriptions to improve the health and well-being of patients.

Global research shows that 50% usage of antibiotics is inappropriate, and empirical treatment is one of the main causes. Empirical treatment usually gives 2~3 antibiotics at the same time to suppress unknown bacteria. However, no medical device currently in the market is able to conduct an antibiotics combination test to either confirm or predict if a combination is effective. Moreover, the current, time-consuming procedure for antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST) needs to be addressed urgently.

fAST: Platform for Rapid Detection and Screening of Disease Diagnoses

MedFluid’s Personalized Antibiotic Screening Platform fAST automates both genotype and phenotype detections to identify bacteria within 1.5 hours and finish the multiple antibiotics combination test within 5 hours.

Further reading: BioSpectrum Asia
Author(s): BioSpectrum Asia
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