Simultaneous detection of genotype and phenotype enables rapid and accurate antibiotic susceptibility determination

  28 November 2019

Here we describe a rapid assay for combined genotypic and phenotypic AST through RNA detection, GoPhAST-R, that classifies strains with 94–99% accuracy by coupling machine learning analysis of early antibiotic-induced transcriptional changes with simultaneous detection of key genetic resistance determinants to increase accuracy of resistance detection, facilitate molecular epidemiology and enable early detection of emerging resistance mechanisms.

Further reading: Nature Medicine
Author(s): Roby P. Bhattacharyya, Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay, Peijun Ma, Sophie S. Son, Jamin Liu, Lorrie L. He, Lidan Wu, Rustem Khafizov, Rich Boykin, Gustavo C. Cerqueira, Alejandro Pironti, Robert F. Rudy, Milesh M. Patel, Rui Yang, Jennifer Skerry, Elizabeth Nazarian, Kimberly A. Musser, Jill Taylor, Virginia M. Pierce, Ashlee M. Earl, Lisa A. Cosimi, Noam Shoresh, Joseph Beechem, Jonathan Livny & Deborah T. Hung
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