Remote Stewardship for Medically Underserved Nurseries: A Stepped-Wedge, Cluster Randomized Study

  13 April 2022

Antibiotic overuse is associated with adverse neonatal outcomes. Many medically underserved centers lack pediatric antibiotic stewardship program (ASP) support. Telestewardship may mitigate this disparity. Authors of this study aimed to determine the effectiveness and safety of a nursery-specific ASP delivered remotely.

The number of infants exposed to antibiotics and total antibiotic use declined in medically underserved nurseries after implementing a remote ASP. No adverse safety events were seen, and the remote ASP time demands were manageable. Remote stewardship may be a safe and effective strategy for optimizing antibiotic use in medically underserved newborn nurseries.

Further reading: Pediatrics
Author(s): Joseph B. Cantey, MD, MPH; Cynthia C. Correa, RN; Daniel D. Dugi, MD; Erin Huff, RN; Jorge E. Olaya, MD; Rachael Farner, RN
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