Phage therapy in the Covid-19 era: Advantages over antibiotics

  28 February 2022

Today, the entire world is battling to contain the spread of COVID-19. Massive efforts are being made to find a therapeutic solution in the shortest possible time. However, the research community is becoming increasingly concerned about taking a shortsighted strategy without contemplating the long-term consequences. For example, It has been reported that only 8.4% of total COVID-19 patients develop a secondary bacterial infection. In comparison, 74.6% of them are administered with antibiotics as prophylactic treatment. We contend that overuse of broad-spectrum antibiotics increases the likelihood of AMR development and negatively affects the patient’s recovery due to the prevalence of the “gut-lung axis.”. Consequently, the use of antibiotics to treat COVID-19 patients must be rationalized, or an alternative treatment must be sought that does not risk contributing to AMR development and positively impacts the treatment outcomes.

Author(s): Atif Khna et al
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