Pet husbandry as a risk factor for colonization or infection with MDR organisms: a systematic meta-analysis

  20 April 2021

MDR organisms (MDROs) pose a relevant risk for patients in modern healthcare. Although ownership of pet animals is common and owners and pets commonly live in close contact, it is still unclear whether pet ownership may be considered as a risk factor for MDRO acquisition prior to hospitalization.

Our analyses suggest contact to pet animals is a risk factor for MRSA, but not for 3GCRE/CRE acquisition. Evaluation of the underlying literature suggested a possible role of pet animals as: (i) vectors for the transmission of MDROs between livestock and humans; as well as (ii) a reservoir for MDROs. Pets, therefore, may promote transmission and reinfection of humans.

Author(s): Carolin Hackmann, Petra Gastmeier, Stefan Schwarz, Antina Lübke-Becker, Peter Bischoff, Rasmus Leistner
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