Perspectives on the Ethics of Antibiotic Overuse
and on the Implementation of (New) Antibiotics

  24 May 2022

The continuing rise in global antimicrobial resistance is seen by many governments and international organizations as a major threat to worldwide health. This means that many publications have already described the problems concerning the overuse of currently available antibiotics and potential solutions to this crisis, including the development of new alternatives to antibiotics.

In this manuscript, the authors approach the subject of increasing global antimicrobial resistance from two perspectives not normally covered by previous publications, namely the ethical use of antibiotics and potential issues relating to the implementation of new antibiotics. 

Further reading: Infect. Dis. Ther.
Author(s): John P. Hays, Maria Jose Ruiz-Alvarez, Natalia Roson-Calero, Rohul Amin, Jayaseelan Murugaiyan and Maarten B. M. van Dongen
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