OpGen subsidiary Ares Genetics announces the strategic expansion of ARESdb proprietary contents

  15 December 2021

OpGen, Inc., a precision medicine company harnessing the power of molecular diagnostics and informatics to help combat infectious disease, announced today that its subsidiary, Ares Genetics GmbH (Ares), has successfully completed Phase 1 of its collaboration with a leading U.S. CRO and reference lab, originally announced in August. During Phase 2, Ares will gain access to 1,000 proprietary genome and AST datasets thereby strategically enriching ARESdb with proprietary data for key pathogens.

Ares Genetics has developed ARESdb, a leading database on AMR, and has published several scientific studies on the performance of its predictive models as well as important considerations of model training. ARESdb not only comprehensively collects known genetic markers for AMR, but also harbors more than 78,000 datasets essential for the development and training of predictive models. This is up by over 40% from around 55,000 datasets a year ago.

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Author(s): Oliver Schacht
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