Open call for peer reviewers Policy Paper on the use of Data Technologies to combat AMR

  03 September 2021

Following up on the successful International Matchmaking Symposium ‘Advancing Data Technologies to Corner AMR 2021 (ADTCA 2021) on 24 June a dedicated team of over 20 global experts have taken the initiative to draft for the first time ever a ‘Policy Paper Data Technologies to combat AMR’. The objective of the Policy Paper is to add to the streamlining and harmonization of Data Technologies to combat Antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The Policy Paper aims to boost the further development and above all implementation of Data Technologies in the global fight against AMR. The writing team has started its activities

AMR Insights aims to ‘formally’ hand over the final document to leading organisations such as WHO, FAO and OIE. In addition to being offered on the information platform of AMR Insights (and the website of the involved organisations), it will be freely available and shareable on social and other media by everyone.

The Policy Paper will start from the One Health Concept (Human health, Veterinary Health and Environment) and focus on the potential of data technologies for the 5 key strategies to curb AMR:

  1. Increased prevention of infectious diseases (in humans and animals; eg by vaccination)
  2. Improved antimicrobial stewardship (in humans and animals)
  3. Improved microbial diagnostics for identification and susceptibility testing
  4. Novel antimicrobials and alternative therapies (such as phage therapy)
  5. Decreased discharge of antimicrobials / reduction of antimicrobials in waste water.

The Policy Paper will cover the entire value chain: from early research and development to validation and implementation. Overall, the Policy Paper will be action and future oriented and provide handles and guidelines rather then being retrospective and summarizing.

Open call for peer reviewers

We will compose a team of some 4-5 peer reviewers to proofread, review and comment the Policy Paper. Are you interested to be one of the peer reviewers: let us know and send us your short motivation (max 1 A4) and short CV (max 1 page or link to your LinkedIn profile). Email: 

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Author(s): Maarten van Dongen
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