New WHO tools use behavioural insights to help curb the spread of antimicrobial resistance

  11 June 2021

WHO has released 3 documents that aim to strengthen efforts to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) through a behavioural insights approach: the TAP Quick Guide, the TAP Toolbox and the TAP Process poster. A fourth document – the TAP Manual – will be available by the end of the year.

Antimicrobial agents, such as antibiotics, are essential to treat some human and animal diseases. However, the misuse and overuse of these drugs has led to microbes developing resistance to antimicrobials. As a result, the world is running out of effective antibiotics to treat infectious diseases.

AMR is a complex problem requiring unique, context-specific solutions. That is why WHO has created the Tailoring Antimicrobial Resistance Programmes (TAP) approach to help develop targeted interventions for AMR. Tailoring interventions towards the needs of specific groups (such as pharmacists, patients, prescribers and veterinarians) and contexts (such as communities, pharmacies and hospitals) can ensure that AMR interventions are effectively implemented and lead to positive behaviour change among populations.

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