New global research consortium to optimise antimicrobial use in humans

  21 April 2023

Research teams from institutions in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America are coming together to form the Centres for Antimicrobial Optimisation Network (CAMO-Net). With up to £11m in funding from Wellcome, this ground-breaking consortium will support translational research to address a major driver of antimicrobial resistance, using a bespoke funding model to help enhance global health research equity.

CAMO-Net brings together research teams from the University of Liverpool and Imperial College London in the UK, the University of Cape Town in South Africa, the Infectious Diseases Institute in Uganda, and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

The network aims to address the global impact of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on human health. This will be achieved through optimising antimicrobial use through a sustainable global research ecosystem, developed across low, middle, and high resource settings, and across urban and rural environments.

Further reading: University of Liverpool
Author(s): University of Liverpool
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