Multiple micronutrient deficiencies in early life cause multi-kingdom alterations in the gut microbiome and intrinsic antibiotic resistance genes in mice

  18 November 2023

Globally, ~340 million children suffer from multiple micronutrient deficiencies, accompanied by high pathogenic burden and death due to multidrug-resistant bacteria. The microbiome is a reservoir of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), but the implications of undernutrition on the resistome is unclear. Here we used a postnatal mouse model that is deficient in multiple micronutrients (that is, zinc, folate, iron, vitamin A and vitamin B12 deficient) and shotgun metagenomic sequencing of faecal samples to characterize gut microbiome structure and functional potential, and the resistome. 

This analysis reveals multi-kingdom alterations in the gut microbiome as a result of co-occurring multiple micronutrient deficiencies and the implications for antibiotic resistance.

Further reading: Nature Microbiology
Author(s): Paula T. Littlejohn et al
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