Leveraging Vaccines to Reduce Antibiotic Use and Prevent Antimicrobial Resistance: An Action Framework

  03 March 2021

There is increasing awareness of the significant threats to individuals and public health from the growing burden of antimicrobial-resistant microbes. Multiple approaches are needed to prevent infections and reduce the use of antimicrobial drugs. Among these, vaccines are effective tools to prevent infections, and they have the potential to make a major contribution to the control and prevention of AMR.

Vaccines protect people and communities by preventing infections and their onward transmission, whether antimicrobial resistant or not. Prevention of infections results in reduced use of antimicrobials for treatment, thereby reducing the selective pressures on microbial populations that drive the emergence of resistance.

This document presents a strategic vision for vaccines to contribute fully, sustainably and equitably to the prevention and control of AMR by preventing infections and reducing antimicrobial use. It identifies a series of priority actions to be taken by stakeholders in the fields of immunization and AMR, in three areas:

  • Expanding the use of licensed vaccines to maximize impact on AMR
  • Developing new vaccines that contribute to the prevention and control of AMR
  • Expanding and sharing knowledge on the impact
    of vaccines on AMR.
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Author(s): WHO
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