Intensive Care Unit Sluice Room Sinks as Reservoirs and Sources of Potential Transmission of Carbapenem-Resistant Bacteria in a South African Tertiary Care Hospital

  23 August 2023

Carbapenem-resistant bacteria (CRB) pose a major health risk to patients in intensive care units (ICU) across African hospitals. There are hardly any data about the role of hospital sinks as reservoirs of CRB in resource-poor African settings. Furthermore, the specific within-sink location of the highest concentration of pathogens and the role of splash back as a transmission mechanism remains poorly clarified.

There is a higher density of CRB in the u-bend of ICU sluice room sinks which can act as a potential source of transmission. The data inform targeted CRB transmission-interruption strategies in resource-poor settings.

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Author(s): Dheda KR, Centner CM, Wilson L, Pooran A, Grimwood S, Ghebrekristos YT, Oelofse S, Joubert IA, Esmail A, Tomasicchio M
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