Innovate UK Global Expert Mission Report Antimicrobial Resistance in India

  25 March 2024

India faces a significant burden of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), with 297,000 deaths in 2019 alone and 1 million associated with drug-resistant bacteria. By 2050, India is expected to account for 20% of all AMR-related deaths. Antibiotic stewardship in India is poor, with broad-spectrum antibiotics and unapproved formulations contributing to public health challenges. The Government of India is working on an updated AMR National Action Plan, while state-level action plans are being introduced to address local challenges. Investment in AMR is increasing, with the government prioritizing it. India’s complex innovation and regulatory landscape highlights key government and industry stakeholders driving innovation in AMR. There is a clear opportunity for bilateral cooperation between the UK and India in diagnostics, vaccines, environment, and animal health. Critical success factors for future UK-India cooperation include working closely with state-level authorities, clearly communicating the regulatory pathway, strengthening the One Health approach, and bringing together UK and India funding bodies to develop strategic programs to support innovation.

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