Incidence of antibiotic resistance genotypes of Vibrio species recovered from selected freshwaters in Southwest Nigeria

  08 November 2022

Vibrio species are classified as potent hazards because of their tendency to effect serious diseases like cholera and other gastrointestinal ailments in humans, as well as vibriosis in fish. A total of 144 freshwater samples were aseptically collected monthly across four rivers (Asejire, Ona, Dandaru and Erinle rivers) over a 12-month period from which Vibrio spp. were isolated using culture procedures, confirmed by means of biochemical test as well as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) assay and further characterized for their phenotypic antibiotic susceptibilities and relevant antimicrobial resistant determinants by PCR.

This study raises concerns as these selected rivers may contribute to the environmental spread of waterborne diseases and antibiotic resistance genes. Therefore, we recommend environmental context-tailored strategies for monitoring and surveillance of resistance genes so as to safeguard the environment from becoming reservoirs of virulent and infectious Vibrio species.

Further reading: Nature Scientific Reports
Author(s): Ibukun M. Adesiyan, Mary A. Bisi-Johnson & Anthony I. Okoh
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